Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Home My Lil Man!

John just got home from his Gramma & Grandpa's. Last week he was with his dad. I wasn't able to get him a bunch of stuff this year but he still made out like a bandit!

Gramma & Grandpa got him a whole new snow suit type thing. John loves camo colors, so it's a new winter coat & snow pants. Also new green winter boots to match! They got him a V Tech VMotion. Man! God Bless VTech! I love it. He learns & plays & moves so he's not sitting stagnant & gaining a bunch of weight like his old Mom! Heh! A crayola color blast & a bunch of crafty, artsy type stuff for us to do together. Some new school clothes, hooray! Gramma & Grandpa should adopt me! LOL.

Anyhow, we've already played play dough. He's showed me the color blast. He's opened his hot wheels stuff from me. Last, but not least, he spent some time on his Vtech! Man, he is SO funny watching him play "his own game". He yells at the game, he goes "O, yes" when he does well. Honestly, I have NO idea where he gets this behavior from! Hehe!

AnyWho...It's great to have him home. I missed him. Time to go hang out with mah lil man!

Thanks for stoppin in & ciao 4 now!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Mistmust!

yes, I'm imagining that little toddler from the card commercial where the mom is trying to get him to say Merry Christmas & the Gramma opens the card, hears what is undoubtly her lil boi saying it & her husband looks at her like she's stoned!

It is a chick thing guys, but the kid said "Merry Mistmust."


Merry mothah lovin Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukah. I know, my spelling is rediculous! But I think from now on I'm just gonna say "Merry Mistmust." My sister would get it! Told ya it's a chick thing!

So, I am currently drinking coffee from an awesome sized mug, here is what it says.
Do not meddle...

I lurve you my Graimerin :) Thanks babe!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve.

& I have to go to work. I have one present wrapped, but seeing how my son will not be here on Christmas morning, I don't have to wrap his yet. (O & alittle secret, that one present is a big box so I could put all the presents for Grai in it) hehe!

Happy Holidays, everyone. Be safe if you're traveling, especially in the inclement weather!

*Holiday Smoochies*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, I went to the ER yesterday....

Yea, so I'm having pain in my left shoulder, neck & tingling down to my left hand. I felt faint & wasn't seeing very well. Freaked me out alittle, yeppers! Especially with all this crap going on on the left side of me only.

The pain in my shoulder & neck are there on & off pretty much 5 out of 7 mornings of the week & I can usually work it out with stretches & the shower. That peircing head ache (shooting right up behind my left eye)....& the poor vision, seeing spots, feeling like I was gonna faint...That was new. Yesterday morning, first thing when I opened my eyes it was the headache, then I tried to move & that hurt my neck & shoulder. Then I got up & I felt dizzy & the poor vision began.

Well, I went to work anyhow...Of course, it just got increasingly worse there! Soon as a third person came in @ 12 noon, my boss insisted that I go to the ER. I work with the sweetest, bestest people, ya'll! :-)

So, after, O, idk....6-7 hours there, would you all like to know what the diagnosis is???

Migraines & muscle pain/spasms in the neck & shoulder.


No more repeatative things like play on the computer or do crochet! Wait...What? Huh? Are you absolutly effin kiddin me with this?

At least not for a few days. BLARGH!

Good Grief!

AnyWho! Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Play Dough, Crochet & Cartoons...sigh

So, yea, I'm sick of Christmas Vacation already....lol!

Other then the blogging, I am still crocheting that burgandy & light navy colored throw blanket for the couch but also substituing on Fally/Grai's chair till I'm finished making his. Fally's will be black & gray.

So, I'm back in the blog o shpere with a vengence, I guess. But a girl must do something to keep herself sane amid all the molding clay, play dough, silly putty, coloring, stenciling, crafting ornaments & red & green Christmas chains. All while mostly hearing Timmy Turner or Jimmy Nuetron on the TV! I loathe the voices on the boy genius show! GRRRR! I do really like Nick toons & I thank my cable provider for the extra Nick channel every day. Heh!

Listen, I love my son to tears. He is the light of my life. He gives me joy like no other. As any parent knows, children also give grief like no other! So, pardon me as I do the happy Snoopy dance all the way to taking him to his dad's house for about the first week of the vacation later today! (that car is mighty small for dancing....)

He surprised me & his stepdad last weekend by deciding against going up to his dad's at all. He's never done that before, but he's getting old enough that we told him as long as his dad didn't mind, it was ok. He also gave us a shock by calling Fally/Grai his stepdad for the first time recently. So, yea, he amazes me. I adore him. He is cuter then should be allowed by law. I am very blessed.

O, Christmasy type pics are on there way from friends of ours...Just waiting to get the email!

Squak at ya's later & as always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagging FTW is right

Okies, I have decided to be a bit....obtuse. Thinking out of the box here a bit, but now that I'm back in the blog o shere, I just can't help meself!

Hehe, I've been feeling kinda sorry for myself since I can't actually PLAY WoW on my own PC anymore so I figured I would STFU in blog land.

So, two more tags. Not sure if either of you gents have yet been tagged, due to my temporary lack of reason, aka, break from "Blog Land".

The first of which is a friend from the guild & my "whisper buddy" heh! Eust, I lurve you!!!! Eust & I lurve when you write...just wish you had more time to do so! :)

The second of which a guildie directed me to & who's wit & style of writing I've come to enjoy. Skeleton Jack And although I haven't had a chance to play my death knihgt much, the misadventures of you & yours are entertaining! Hehe!

Shouting out here to Xim also. Ximera One of my hand picked from Exiled Elite, which was once "reborn", but now is very much morphed into something very different from the eutopia I once hoped it would be. If it is even still in exsistance!

Ah, the fun of thinking I could run my own guild! LMAO!

Thanks for stopping in & I'll be back! hehe!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

this "tagging" thing...

Turns out, I have been tagged. & By someone who always notices when I change the look of my blog! My friend, Nas @ Alts Ahoy!!! Yay!

Although, I am sure that I do not deserve the honor of being listed among so many other superb bloggers, I am humbled & grateful!

So, if I'm getting this straight, I needed to find my very first post which is
intro to ss craziness

Thank you Eust, Dax & 3B for making sure I'm not just talking to myself :P

So, now it's my turn to do some tagging....Hmmm...who has not already BEEN tagged???


Lurve Ya Xim!

Thank you Nas, for getting me back to blogging :-)

And, thank you VERY much Grai, for teaching me how to add links! Fun!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wulfa goes public....

& I can't comment in the new format you got going on @ 2 & 1/2 Orcs :*( Not sure if it's just this old PC or if Imma idiot!

CONGRATS Wulfa, Dammy & Orclette!!!!!

I would have to vote for lil Orc (or even littlest Orc)...works no matter the sex of the baby!
I was one of those preggers chicks you hate....I LOVED being pregnent all the way up till about 8&1/2 months. Then it was a bummer! But Wulfa, if'n you need a gripe fest about it, you know my email!

I lurve you, you adorable lil family!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shrinn can now make 20 slot bags

More info on our guild portal for all you lovely fellow devils!

Shrinn just got her tailoring up to 411 this morning. Now I have to go to work!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I didn't think it would bug me so....

Ok, so Wrath is all up & running on Fal's PC. He wants to me to watch & be involved & it just sucks out loud. While I am estatic for him to be having so much fun, I can't help the sinking feeling in the pit of my belly.

Watching all the newness of the DK area makes me yearn to play my little Shrinnja. (Name thanks to Daak the Sidhe Devil) I was torn between that name & Shrinniggit for awhile, but I think I have decided now :P
I thought I was coming around to the idea of just not really playing until the spring...HAH! I am SUCH a junkie! I need a hit of WoW man! I need the Wrath of Shrinnja! lol!
But, you know, if I can't play Grai & Fal & Sheena, Mah Hunny's DK will be so far ahead of me AGAIN! It's been so nice over this last almost year to actually play with my BF on level with his toons. It just feels like going backwards a bit. I am going to lose some of my love of this game if I'm constantly begging him to help me level my toons! *sigh* & we had just stopped fighting over stupid shit regarding this game lately.

Thank God I know I have friends in Sihde Devils that will help run me thru stuff or answer my stupid questions coming up thru. Not that Fal/Grai isn't super & he is still one of my best WoW resources. I just don't wanna be bugging him with constant nagging question after question.

Ok, I think that I'm done with that rant for a bit!
Thanks for listening :)

*note: I got to play Shrinnja some tonight! Goodness, that was SO much fun! I have the bestest hunny in the world!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes, Yes, there actually is. The Fine, Upstanding, "Young" Man A.K.A. Dr. Graimerin Falromord has been working to fix my computer since we woke up this morning!

It's has been shutting it's self off over night a couple to a few times over the last week or so. Did I tell the Doc? Of course not! I worry about the health of my PC just a might bit better then my own personal health & that's not saying much, folks. I also was wondering if my lil man had gotten up to go potty at night, messed with my PC & shut it off, in hopes of not getting caught.

Well, I woke up, it was turned off & John is with his father this weekend. No chance of just shrugging it off this time. So, I had to reboot from the power strip like I had been when it's done this to me in the past. & O, my, o, my, what a horrendous noise we had coming for the external fan in the back.

*nervousness kick into high gear now*

After all day of My Love, the most handsomest, wonderfulest man in the entire world, fiddling with the system he built me 3 -ish years ago, it's borked! I have no PC for the xpac, I have no PC for emails, I have no PC for paying bills, I have no PC for checking the bank.

*inhale, exhale*
*breathe deep & try not to kill people*
*find your happy place*

We still have his system for the urgent stuff. The "grown up" stuff. The stuff I absolutely MUST, beyond a shadow of a doubt, get done. BUT I don't have MINE!

I do not care for his system. I'll use it when needed, yes. Will I be able to "hang out" on it for hours on end like I can do on mine? Nope!

Can we afford to get me a new system right now? Nope! We were planning on building a whole new one in the spring, at tax time. It'll run us about the same as the old one he built me almost 3 years ago, but it'll be an ass load better, with screamin high capabilities for all the things I use my system for.

So, unless a miracle happens, I will be in hibernation for several months.

I'll miss ya's. Please make sure you all have enough fun in Azeroth for the two of us, okies? Thankies!

***this message brought to you by the crazy people that live here & the Good Dr. Romord's PC***

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shrinns Twins...

...er, cousins at least! hehe!

Now, try to tell me gnomes aren't cute! & they taste great in Orgrimmar stew, also! hehe

Found some oldies but goodies

.......... & some I'd never seen before. Since I like so much to pop in random pics to my random rants, I went looking for a few more! Ok, the old b&w cartoon pic that wouldn't open far enough for you, the reader, to read. Gah, that annoyed me so much that I sifted thru thousands of WoW pics on photobucket (where I originly found it) so I'll be leading with that!

I just think this cartoon is classic. It says a world of things about not just Blizzard. Blizz is just doing what sells....Sex crazed girls, that's what sells, according to gaming developers.

& wanna know something? If I had written the words in that bubble above the human's head, it would simply state, "Mah milkshake brings all da boiz to the yard." (sadly, I love that song!)

While we're on the subject, how falic are so many things in WoW? Ok, forget WoW, let's look at it a bit more objectively...videos games in general. I realize that people (not just men) are visually stimulated. I don't mean on a sexual level necessarily....... Although, that is a whole new issue all together. We can show such horrible violence on the screen, big & TV levels & in vidoes games, but we must hide most sexuality. That's a might @$$ backwards, if you ask me. Let's hero worship death, killing & dieing & forget to celebrate, & instead demonize, how we all even got here in the first place!

While we're on THAT subject, allow me to shift just a touch here & talk about the fact that the "bluest of blue" states voted against same sex marriage, but said "hellz mo fo'in yea" to more better accsess to MaryJane....Ganga Yum! lmFao!

Well, I don't suppose Grass ever made anyone ever kill anyone...
but I'm sure stuff that looks more kinda like this........

the needle in the picture not the purposed content here!

But again, I couldn't help but ROTFLMAO when I saw this choice tidbit!

Now, many things would not even be funny if they didn't have a dash of truth added in there. While we're talking about our WoW addiction in common, let's throw in a visual, shall we? (Hi, My name is Mary & I am a WoW Addict)

Now, I have finally given you a glimpse of my idea of ranting. I figure the name ought to hold true somewhere in all this mess.........

Hoping some folks got the giggles intended, Possibly I may have offended some of my dear readers, but Lastly, & Most importantly, maybe, *Hopefully, you stopped to think.

*Hope is never hopeless.
**Hope is always possible.
***Hope is endless in it's possiblities!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Nasirah & Elysse & Coralin Show

Druids for the motha lovin' WIN! You should've seen Nas tearin it up on Attumen, Moroes & the seasonal boss! She rocked it out! Woot! I had so much fun helping off tank. Coralin saved my bacon several times over. Nimble, agile, quick minded, that one, because we had a couple of crazies & he picked em up lickety split!
Well, of course I have pics, don't be silly! heheh! I cannot believe I picked up the main tanking duties on my baby 70 in Kara! Wow!

Nightbane FTW! I was shaking in my fur! For really!

I loathe this fight! I missed the green beam, of course, Netherspite healed back to full health. I am a slacker! (I still agree with Wulfa. This dragon looks like a she. Very pretty! I lurve dragons, not crazy about this one however & besides, why else would it be such a pain in the @$$? hehe )

But we prevail! Yay!

Ok, now I have seen some amazing tanks have a bit of trouble on this fight. Thank God for the nerf bat, that's all I can say. I got lucky, so damn lucky!

My wonderful friends carried my goofy butt all the way thru that raid last night! Thank you SO very much!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We flippin full cleared ZA...

Ok, the title says it all there....

On our way out after downing the Dragonhawk Boss during an AFK break. We almost had him for the timed event. We will have him next time, that I can be sure of! We learned alot tongiht. Watching it on BossKillers.com is not the same as being there!

On the way to Hex Lord.

Yay for killing Hex Lord!

We kicked his bum on the second try! WeWt!

SO much Fun! Loved it, can't wait to go again :)

One time, when the realms were down....

I made an off realm baby hunter

Meet Opalea

Friday, October 31, 2008

I can haz emotional basketcase...

& I can haz her everytime I look in the mirror! And, lately, I can haz her most times I log into WoW. I dunno y, I do know however that something has got to change for me. I have been "chronically ill" on & off for about 2 & a half years. When the docs told me it was "all in my head" & the "head" medications did not work, I stopped caring. Doesn't change the fact that I feel like shit more often then not. Doesn't change the fact that I am tired & worn out from simply working a 4-6 hour shift. Doesn't change the fact that somewhere along the way I not only stopped listening to a good friend that told me years ago "To thine own self be true.", I have choosen to utterly ignore that lovely tidbit of advice. I have tuned the "smart" people out & been living inside my own little head. Can be a frightfully dangerous place to live all alone in the dark sometimes.

Yes, Yes, to many of you folks that feel you may "know" me from the game or from myspace & somehow managed to find me here. (cause I can no longer accsess my myspace page) You might just be asking yourself, is this really the fun loving silly Shrinn we know? Everyone has their bugaboos, my friends, everyone!

Weird thing is tho, about 2&1/2 years ago is when I fell of the wagon & started binge drinking again. No, I am not a binge drinking currently. Not only can I not afford it but I cannot raise my son in a coherent manner in that state of mind. So I'm thinking that it might be time for me to get my ass back to those damned brainwashing meetings again. Cuz those people seem to really get me. So, if my mental health & head space begins to impinge on my game time, blog time & just plain sitting my big ole bum in front of my PC, so be it.

I thought Halloween an appropriate time to bring up my skeletons. Lookie there, Lich King isn't even out & I'm raising the dead!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gah, I really wish sometimes that I was this talented...or that I had the whole puter set up my seriously talented cousin has. He's this kind of artist...unfortunatly, even tho he's more then good enough to work for Blizz, last time I mentioned it to him he reminded me of his stance on "selling out to corporations".....GAH!
Anyhow I was playing around checking out some new FanArt on worldofwarcraft.com & thought I'd share my new desktop & future ones & some of my oldie but goodie faves :P

New desktop...Two of my most fave things in the world...Dragon & Fairies ....o, wait, there's no belf males in that pic! HEHE

This one here "might" be actual Blizz artist work but I can't be sure. Waht's your vote?

Last but DEFINETLY not least..........

Tru Story!

*note...apparently, this pic doesnt open enuff so that u can read the words...It's something along the lines of "ever wonder how these skimpy clothes they call armour keep us alive?" & of course all the boiz are drooling!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quitters never win...

Winners never quit. Soz....
I'm not giving up WoW! Of course I'm not giving up WoW. You had to know I wasn't gonna quit!
Yes, Yes, I've gone through these feelings a time or twenty before. & I'll go thru them again, but for now, I'm sticking with it!
We PWNED Kara last night (No surprise there) Mah Hunny formed the group. We had all but one guildie & a very dear friend & old guildie joined us to give a hand :)
Ishi did a great job on raid leading & we all had fun. I got two new peices of healy gear on Elysse, Wewt!
Elysse now has a shadow following her around & those things say some effed up stuff! I need to get my ass to Darnassus cuz that thing freaks me out!
Well, I'm gonna go do that now :)

Thanks for listening to my rants yet again ^.^

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank You Wulfa & Ishvi

WooHoo! You guys gave Fal some EXCELLENT ideas for dinner tonight!
We had braised roasted pork loin, with carmelized apples over top. A caramel drizzly type glaze & stuffing!
I stuffed myself like a tauren!!!! I'm fat as one too now that's thanks to the grumpy old dorf of mine!

Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, I love this man!
You should have seen my lil man John go crazy over this food! He said "can you teach me to make this some day? When I'm like 16." It was SOOOOO cute!

I wish I had a digital camera, it came out of the oven & looked like something out of a food magazine!!!!

Ok, I'm off to go be spoiled some more. (Although I should probably be spoiling him a bit now!) ^.~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ho Hum. Hum Drum.

Yea, I'm kinda bored. I don't know what my problem is. I'm not sure if it's the impending WotLK xpac coming, or if I'm just sick of getting turned into a freakin zombie. I'm just sick of it all, i guess.
I went into Kara on Shrinn on Friday night. My damage sucked really bad. That pissed me off. I saw a couple really cool drops for my feral druid, but she wasn't there to roll on them. That irked me. Like, I am totally ok with El not being able to hold her own on the damage meter, especially when she's off tanking, but SHRINN? SHRINN? Her royal effin feirceness was #7 on the damage meter? What The HELL? Bah!
I can't even log on to her without getting irritated about it. I cannot log into Shrinnpoof & wonder why she isn't hanging her glass cannon ass head in shame!
Whatever, guess I'm gonna go look for a new game. A cheaper, less able to piss me off, game!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elysse Tanks MGT...wootie woot!

Wow! I did not think I was gonna be able to do it! NOt at all, but we did :)

Got some new healy boots tho! Yay!

Shrinn Helps Down Mags....WOOT

Ok, this was a PuG. This was my first time there. I was not convinced we would down him...I really wasn't. Because I was nervous, I didn't get alot of pics either..... but here's what I got.

what my alts have been up to

This is my shaman. She is fun...I s'pose. I guess I just don't really know how to play her yet...Good Lord! She's level 30 & I'm still trying to figure how to play her! lmao!

Just thought the full moon looked really pretty :)

This is me saying "good Bye" to my very first kitty. That actually messed me up alittle! It was like taking a sick pet to the vet to get put down...well, almost!

Bye ElGato!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling alittle sappy....

& my aunt sent me this. Thought it was cute.

Hope I linked this video correctly! heh

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well, I tried to tank Maiden...

OMG!!!! I sucked in Kara tonight! LMAO!

Imma Genie in a bottle, Moroes! hahahahaha

GRATS to Elruc who got a bunch of feirce drops! Grats FEl, Grats to me on Maiden's necklace :) & grats to anyone I forgot! Thanks so much for putting up with my "noob-ness" all :)

Okay, Okay...I NEVER thought tanking was an "easy" job. When you've been running behind so many people (Graimerin) that make it look easy (Graimerin)...It is a reality that I would think that it can't be all that hard! Especially when you keep hearing, the whole way up thru, from Graimerin, that tanking is just standing there & getting hit....

Hmmm...anyone know that Sheryl Crow song "no one said it would be easy. But no one said it would be this hard"

I had to let my freindly neighborhood prot pally, Ishvi, take the reigns here ~sigh~

Beebahdeebahdee....that's all folks!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Doncha Wish Ur Maiden Was Hawt Like Me

& Like Wulfa, Felsprite & Muchachita?


Obviously, I was a bit more comfortable in my role as off tank/Kitty DPS the second time thru Kara...eh?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun & Death, down goes Coren Direbrew!

I love having an excuse to get my toons wasted! heh!

Shrinn got the Ram!!! Huzzah! I love her being tall as a dark iron baddie!

I love tankin this guy. Works best of course with some GREAT dps. Last night, I had my buds LF a tank for like an hour....So instead of hangin with guildies (which I do miss) I went & lended my no talent havin tanky ass to these fine folks!

Alipoo, Chugirh, & 2 guildies of Alipoo's, Great mage, Great pally! (sorry, ur names escape me at the moment, folks!)

we downed him 4 times & wiped once. We all got a bad lag spike on that one & I couldn't pop form & rez our healer with mah head in da barrel!

Elysse got the attack power trinket! WOOT! Can't wait to pvp with that bad boi!

We got into a bar brawl, we drank, we danced...& we watched the band!

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Time For Elysse

~ In Kara ~

I was SO nervous...I was actually alittle shaky in there last night folks. Ok, ok, I know, this was nowhere near my first time IN Kara. But my job has always been well known to me. I am fire mage, glass cannon, hear me blast a spell in ya.

Well, I guess I am not always that & I have the pics to prove it.

Before Kara, Here I wear a very respectable tank set that many people worked hard to help me get. Special Thanks to Wulf-Ness, 3B & My Hunny Buns, Grai. I don't know where exactly you gathered all the mats for me to have 3 very sweet pieces for when I turned 70! I do know that our friends in the guild had something to do with it!

Here I am trying not to totally flub. I am not prepared to be a tank in Kara. That's the god's honest truth. I hardly have the mindset yet to run a 5 man. So, ok, ok, there was no pressure to "run" kara last night, but there is a certain take charge attitude that comes with being a tank even if it's just off tanking. I am not there, not yet. I was too damn nervous. I was freaked out, period.

So, i am druid, i am night elf...i must dance!!!! & I lurve the footsteps of illidan that makes it look like i am emitting some profuse gas!

I didnt wipe us, i didnt wipe us....holy SHIZZ! WE LIVE!!!!!

Those were my only thoughts as he went down. I was not thinking, expecting, hoping for any gear....
Well, I am druid, I am night elf....I am loot whore!

Stay #2 on threat, that is ur job here...yep, yep...dont do anything stupid, second job...well, terrible pull....

NO WIPES...phew!

I just knew in my bones that tonight was gonna be the night that Kara made me sing for my supper....& Cassie went in to Opera (not naked as we all requested, especially the Big Bear Butt himself) started the event & vanished. Yes, Yes, last night was a tale of forbidden love & that freakin vial did not drop for Cassie! :(

Holy Crizzap...a boss fight that did not drop something mah dru could use...what a relief!

On with the show....

I tanked the voidwalker lookin thingys & I must say, this part showed some real potential to the possiblity of some sort of talent on mah dru....maybe

Dont know that i did enough work to get all the goodies i got last night tho.

Here's to you, Curator, You are about the drop my druid T4 gloves!

Are you kidding me? Never, ever, in my wildest emerald dreams did I think you would on my first ever, prolly don't belong in here yet run thru Kara! Spoiled lil Druid....Shrinn had to work long & hard for all of her kara gear!!!!!!

Awwwww, Bye Fel. Thanks for coming & switching with Xiliah now. I feel like crap that I'm a loot whore & you didnt get any dang drops :(
But I am very pleased that I was not "token gnome" for once :P

Chess event....another thing I "could've" used...Thank God Wulfa won the roll on that belt! I would've cried.
No pics, I forgot! Why did I forget? Cuz I knew what was coming....Prince....


On the way to prince, I did a shitty pull...but again, we LIVE! You wonderful are ppl that put up with my no talent druid! Thank the Gods for you all!

Ok, first try, I don't have to get on that GD pole! /scowl at that pole... WOOT!

O....wait....I have to KNOW & be versed in a totally different part of this fight....Hmmmm. /cower & /tremble again.

Dang, it's kinda lonely out here Cas & Morthog....Don't you miss the pole? O...wait, I'm the fire mage...Nope, not tonight....

Hmmm....ok, so he got us. & I sucked. If I had been thinking properly, I would've moved far away from the damn infernals (not towards the hole in the wall), popped form & healed alittle...DUH! So, we wipe, I suck, it's offcical...But I knew I suck & I just had to prove it!

(Here is a short foot note...NO WIPES TILL PRINCE! How do ya like us now? Yea WHAT!)

WEEEELLLLLLLlllll, I had to mention that healy thing out loud, didn't I? Back to the pole with u, damn druid!

This, This right here is a veiw & a way of doing this fight that I know...I know this veiw all too well....


Here I find my healy talent severly nerfed by my own hand...I gots no gear...& I ain't that good of a healer anymore....W. T. H. happened? This is the toon I was part resto for until my 40's so I could heal in bg's....Hmmmmmphf!

He won't best us! Do you realize the crew we're rollin with here?

I won the roll for the healy mace, that I am required to bring for every raid & everything on this toon for ever now. That is my own personal requirement!

ok, & then there were 8! Wulf-Ness, poor sicky gurl, came with us because she enjoys this, because this is her "Ness" time...because we're both moms & we don't treat ourselves to bubble baths the way we should. Raid night is "our" time, damnit!

& Xiliah, lovely sweet mana battery that she is, was sleepy! G'night fair ladies. Thanks for stoppin in!

So, we had some helpers step in & finish the place off. The only things we "missed" last night were the 2 dragons & Illhoof. Thank you Melpo & Drusilia (spelling ?)

Hmmm...more kitty Luv from me. Okay, got it!

Sweet ass tanking necklace. Again, thank the gods Morthog won that roll.

I have ALOT to learn. But I am willing & I am pliable. (imagine wet clay here) I want to be useful where ever that may be.

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me try out a brand new 70 druid in Kara. I don't know how I got to be so blessed!