Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quitters never win...

Winners never quit. Soz....
I'm not giving up WoW! Of course I'm not giving up WoW. You had to know I wasn't gonna quit!
Yes, Yes, I've gone through these feelings a time or twenty before. & I'll go thru them again, but for now, I'm sticking with it!
We PWNED Kara last night (No surprise there) Mah Hunny formed the group. We had all but one guildie & a very dear friend & old guildie joined us to give a hand :)
Ishi did a great job on raid leading & we all had fun. I got two new peices of healy gear on Elysse, Wewt!
Elysse now has a shadow following her around & those things say some effed up stuff! I need to get my ass to Darnassus cuz that thing freaks me out!
Well, I'm gonna go do that now :)

Thanks for listening to my rants yet again ^.^


SolidState said...

Why, what happens to the shadow if you get to Darnassus?

I kinda like my shadow :)

zaanah said...

Hey girl....thanks for the shout out. I had a good time running with you and Grai again. If I can help out again you can ask me. :)

Shrinn said...

In regard to the frozen shade from Lich King telling you how Azeroth is gonna die:
you get rid of ur trinket, you get rid of your shadow...sorry, it was just tripping me out a little!

Love Ya Zaan! xoxoxox