Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Home My Lil Man!

John just got home from his Gramma & Grandpa's. Last week he was with his dad. I wasn't able to get him a bunch of stuff this year but he still made out like a bandit!

Gramma & Grandpa got him a whole new snow suit type thing. John loves camo colors, so it's a new winter coat & snow pants. Also new green winter boots to match! They got him a V Tech VMotion. Man! God Bless VTech! I love it. He learns & plays & moves so he's not sitting stagnant & gaining a bunch of weight like his old Mom! Heh! A crayola color blast & a bunch of crafty, artsy type stuff for us to do together. Some new school clothes, hooray! Gramma & Grandpa should adopt me! LOL.

Anyhow, we've already played play dough. He's showed me the color blast. He's opened his hot wheels stuff from me. Last, but not least, he spent some time on his Vtech! Man, he is SO funny watching him play "his own game". He yells at the game, he goes "O, yes" when he does well. Honestly, I have NO idea where he gets this behavior from! Hehe!

AnyWho...It's great to have him home. I missed him. Time to go hang out with mah lil man!

Thanks for stoppin in & ciao 4 now!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Mistmust!

yes, I'm imagining that little toddler from the card commercial where the mom is trying to get him to say Merry Christmas & the Gramma opens the card, hears what is undoubtly her lil boi saying it & her husband looks at her like she's stoned!

It is a chick thing guys, but the kid said "Merry Mistmust."


Merry mothah lovin Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukah. I know, my spelling is rediculous! But I think from now on I'm just gonna say "Merry Mistmust." My sister would get it! Told ya it's a chick thing!

So, I am currently drinking coffee from an awesome sized mug, here is what it says.
Do not meddle...

I lurve you my Graimerin :) Thanks babe!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve.

& I have to go to work. I have one present wrapped, but seeing how my son will not be here on Christmas morning, I don't have to wrap his yet. (O & alittle secret, that one present is a big box so I could put all the presents for Grai in it) hehe!

Happy Holidays, everyone. Be safe if you're traveling, especially in the inclement weather!

*Holiday Smoochies*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, I went to the ER yesterday....

Yea, so I'm having pain in my left shoulder, neck & tingling down to my left hand. I felt faint & wasn't seeing very well. Freaked me out alittle, yeppers! Especially with all this crap going on on the left side of me only.

The pain in my shoulder & neck are there on & off pretty much 5 out of 7 mornings of the week & I can usually work it out with stretches & the shower. That peircing head ache (shooting right up behind my left eye)....& the poor vision, seeing spots, feeling like I was gonna faint...That was new. Yesterday morning, first thing when I opened my eyes it was the headache, then I tried to move & that hurt my neck & shoulder. Then I got up & I felt dizzy & the poor vision began.

Well, I went to work anyhow...Of course, it just got increasingly worse there! Soon as a third person came in @ 12 noon, my boss insisted that I go to the ER. I work with the sweetest, bestest people, ya'll! :-)

So, after, O, idk....6-7 hours there, would you all like to know what the diagnosis is???

Migraines & muscle pain/spasms in the neck & shoulder.


No more repeatative things like play on the computer or do crochet! Wait...What? Huh? Are you absolutly effin kiddin me with this?

At least not for a few days. BLARGH!

Good Grief!

AnyWho! Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Play Dough, Crochet & Cartoons...sigh

So, yea, I'm sick of Christmas Vacation already....lol!

Other then the blogging, I am still crocheting that burgandy & light navy colored throw blanket for the couch but also substituing on Fally/Grai's chair till I'm finished making his. Fally's will be black & gray.

So, I'm back in the blog o shpere with a vengence, I guess. But a girl must do something to keep herself sane amid all the molding clay, play dough, silly putty, coloring, stenciling, crafting ornaments & red & green Christmas chains. All while mostly hearing Timmy Turner or Jimmy Nuetron on the TV! I loathe the voices on the boy genius show! GRRRR! I do really like Nick toons & I thank my cable provider for the extra Nick channel every day. Heh!

Listen, I love my son to tears. He is the light of my life. He gives me joy like no other. As any parent knows, children also give grief like no other! So, pardon me as I do the happy Snoopy dance all the way to taking him to his dad's house for about the first week of the vacation later today! (that car is mighty small for dancing....)

He surprised me & his stepdad last weekend by deciding against going up to his dad's at all. He's never done that before, but he's getting old enough that we told him as long as his dad didn't mind, it was ok. He also gave us a shock by calling Fally/Grai his stepdad for the first time recently. So, yea, he amazes me. I adore him. He is cuter then should be allowed by law. I am very blessed.

O, Christmasy type pics are on there way from friends of ours...Just waiting to get the email!

Squak at ya's later & as always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagging FTW is right

Okies, I have decided to be a bit....obtuse. Thinking out of the box here a bit, but now that I'm back in the blog o shere, I just can't help meself!

Hehe, I've been feeling kinda sorry for myself since I can't actually PLAY WoW on my own PC anymore so I figured I would STFU in blog land.

So, two more tags. Not sure if either of you gents have yet been tagged, due to my temporary lack of reason, aka, break from "Blog Land".

The first of which is a friend from the guild & my "whisper buddy" heh! Eust, I lurve you!!!! Eust & I lurve when you write...just wish you had more time to do so! :)

The second of which a guildie directed me to & who's wit & style of writing I've come to enjoy. Skeleton Jack And although I haven't had a chance to play my death knihgt much, the misadventures of you & yours are entertaining! Hehe!

Shouting out here to Xim also. Ximera One of my hand picked from Exiled Elite, which was once "reborn", but now is very much morphed into something very different from the eutopia I once hoped it would be. If it is even still in exsistance!

Ah, the fun of thinking I could run my own guild! LMAO!

Thanks for stopping in & I'll be back! hehe!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

this "tagging" thing...

Turns out, I have been tagged. & By someone who always notices when I change the look of my blog! My friend, Nas @ Alts Ahoy!!! Yay!

Although, I am sure that I do not deserve the honor of being listed among so many other superb bloggers, I am humbled & grateful!

So, if I'm getting this straight, I needed to find my very first post which is
intro to ss craziness

Thank you Eust, Dax & 3B for making sure I'm not just talking to myself :P

So, now it's my turn to do some tagging....Hmmm...who has not already BEEN tagged???


Lurve Ya Xim!

Thank you Nas, for getting me back to blogging :-)

And, thank you VERY much Grai, for teaching me how to add links! Fun!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wulfa goes public....

& I can't comment in the new format you got going on @ 2 & 1/2 Orcs :*( Not sure if it's just this old PC or if Imma idiot!

CONGRATS Wulfa, Dammy & Orclette!!!!!

I would have to vote for lil Orc (or even littlest Orc)...works no matter the sex of the baby!
I was one of those preggers chicks you hate....I LOVED being pregnent all the way up till about 8&1/2 months. Then it was a bummer! But Wulfa, if'n you need a gripe fest about it, you know my email!

I lurve you, you adorable lil family!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shrinn can now make 20 slot bags

More info on our guild portal for all you lovely fellow devils!

Shrinn just got her tailoring up to 411 this morning. Now I have to go to work!