Thursday, December 18, 2008

this "tagging" thing...

Turns out, I have been tagged. & By someone who always notices when I change the look of my blog! My friend, Nas @ Alts Ahoy!!! Yay!

Although, I am sure that I do not deserve the honor of being listed among so many other superb bloggers, I am humbled & grateful!

So, if I'm getting this straight, I needed to find my very first post which is
intro to ss craziness

Thank you Eust, Dax & 3B for making sure I'm not just talking to myself :P

So, now it's my turn to do some tagging....Hmmm...who has not already BEEN tagged???


Lurve Ya Xim!

Thank you Nas, for getting me back to blogging :-)

And, thank you VERY much Grai, for teaching me how to add links! Fun!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you participated as well...Tags FTW! I love to see when bloggers got their start and what they first blogged about. Half the blogs we read today are nothing like how they were at first!

Keep it up!