Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Intro to the SS Craziness

Please allow me to introduce my charater sheet! Shrinnpoof, level 70 fire mage, is my main in World of Warcraft (hereafter known as WoW) on the realm Kael'thas.
I have a feral druid, Elysse, that I just leveled to 50 tonight as I tanked for ZF! (YaY! This toon is my baby! Druids are probably my favorite, altho u couldn't tell it seeing how i lvled my mage first!)
36Dranei shadow preist, 29 Nelf hunter (may be 29 for the rest of her life, i do like pvp from time to time) 22 gnome demons lock, 22 Shamman (my bank lvl 19 wanna be twink gnome rogue. That's just the allies! (yikes) hehe!
Hordies on the same realm are just my son's troll hunter. level 12 (?) now i believe. He just finished his hunter quest today! GRATS lil man, John :) John is 6 years old! lol
I also have an insane amount of off realm toons.
Feathermoon, (RP) the most prominent. 24 (probably alittle higher?) UD preist, 24 orc warrior, 14 (?) UD rogue ( i FAR prefer UD rogues to any other i've ever made. i just play them better!) 16 Belf hunter, her cat's name is ElGatoDiablo! That name is a nod to a couple of things. First thing, before I started playing WoW, i played Diablo (no love for Blizz at all here) & I really liked that movie "The Rundown" with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson & that guy that played Stiffler in American Pie!
I know there's a fifth on this list too, but i cant think of her due to the fact that I havent had to go hide on my off realm toons lately! HeH!

So, let me tell you about the name..."Shrinnpoof" !!! Why in the hell would anyone in their right mind wanna be tagged with a name like this? First off, no one is claiming to be in their right mind in this post! Secondly, it's a cute lil story ;p My first account, my main was a gnome lock named Shrinnkette. (the current lock is my remake of her & her name is Shrinnkette) My boyfriend sons, (of which he has many!) created a bunch of toons on "my" account when they were visiting. So, we decided, that once they got their own PC @ mom's house, they could have that account. I then deleted all my babies...the lock, the druids & the preist...I actually almost cried over the druids!

Now, on to why I haven't found myself hiding on off realms....

PUGGING Kara!!!! ouch! I said it! I met some wonderful people thru Camila & Unseenfiend (the GL's of a new guild Blood 4 Blood) I met the Sidhe Devils (pronounced She Devils) After many weeks of running with them, I found that I felt what seemed to me had been missing in the guild I was in. The heart, the spirit, the love of gaming, the reminder that this is JUST A GAME & having fun in spite of ourselves! Didn't take me long to realize I wanted to make that guild my home. And I have. I was pleased, & a bit taken aback by their happiness to welcome me! I am SO thankful to them for having me!

I was intending to make this a short intro, but it seems i've prattled more then i thought i would.

Thank you Wulfa, for thinking i might have something interesting to add to the blog o sphere & talking me into doing this! (didnt take much talking)

Thanks for reading what will hopefully be one of many of my tangents!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hi!
Welcome to SD and you are subscribified :-)

Daxenos said...

I ceeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu!

TheBigBearButt said...

Ah HAH! hi Shrinn, welcome to the wide world of blogging... check your sanity at the door.