Thursday, July 24, 2008

The fun and games of a shapeshifter

Played around in Un'Goro today. Met a super cool pally was questing with for a bit...Got tired of just sitting, so I logged out! I did manage to get her halfway thru lvl 50. Also upped my alchemy & cooking some. So, all & all, it was productive.
Besides, I needed to hang with John a little bit, make more coffee, do some dishes & wake up the "big bear butt" of this household! HEHE! Love you Grai :)

Now i need to go run some dailies on Shrinn to get the money up for all the many flasks of pure death i go thru in kara! NEED To hurry & lvl that druid so shrinn can STOP getting gouged on the AH! heh

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