Thursday, November 13, 2008

I didn't think it would bug me so....

Ok, so Wrath is all up & running on Fal's PC. He wants to me to watch & be involved & it just sucks out loud. While I am estatic for him to be having so much fun, I can't help the sinking feeling in the pit of my belly.

Watching all the newness of the DK area makes me yearn to play my little Shrinnja. (Name thanks to Daak the Sidhe Devil) I was torn between that name & Shrinniggit for awhile, but I think I have decided now :P
I thought I was coming around to the idea of just not really playing until the spring...HAH! I am SUCH a junkie! I need a hit of WoW man! I need the Wrath of Shrinnja! lol!
But, you know, if I can't play Grai & Fal & Sheena, Mah Hunny's DK will be so far ahead of me AGAIN! It's been so nice over this last almost year to actually play with my BF on level with his toons. It just feels like going backwards a bit. I am going to lose some of my love of this game if I'm constantly begging him to help me level my toons! *sigh* & we had just stopped fighting over stupid shit regarding this game lately.

Thank God I know I have friends in Sihde Devils that will help run me thru stuff or answer my stupid questions coming up thru. Not that Fal/Grai isn't super & he is still one of my best WoW resources. I just don't wanna be bugging him with constant nagging question after question.

Ok, I think that I'm done with that rant for a bit!
Thanks for listening :)

*note: I got to play Shrinnja some tonight! Goodness, that was SO much fun! I have the bestest hunny in the world!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes, Yes, there actually is. The Fine, Upstanding, "Young" Man A.K.A. Dr. Graimerin Falromord has been working to fix my computer since we woke up this morning!

It's has been shutting it's self off over night a couple to a few times over the last week or so. Did I tell the Doc? Of course not! I worry about the health of my PC just a might bit better then my own personal health & that's not saying much, folks. I also was wondering if my lil man had gotten up to go potty at night, messed with my PC & shut it off, in hopes of not getting caught.

Well, I woke up, it was turned off & John is with his father this weekend. No chance of just shrugging it off this time. So, I had to reboot from the power strip like I had been when it's done this to me in the past. & O, my, o, my, what a horrendous noise we had coming for the external fan in the back.

*nervousness kick into high gear now*

After all day of My Love, the most handsomest, wonderfulest man in the entire world, fiddling with the system he built me 3 -ish years ago, it's borked! I have no PC for the xpac, I have no PC for emails, I have no PC for paying bills, I have no PC for checking the bank.

*inhale, exhale*
*breathe deep & try not to kill people*
*find your happy place*

We still have his system for the urgent stuff. The "grown up" stuff. The stuff I absolutely MUST, beyond a shadow of a doubt, get done. BUT I don't have MINE!

I do not care for his system. I'll use it when needed, yes. Will I be able to "hang out" on it for hours on end like I can do on mine? Nope!

Can we afford to get me a new system right now? Nope! We were planning on building a whole new one in the spring, at tax time. It'll run us about the same as the old one he built me almost 3 years ago, but it'll be an ass load better, with screamin high capabilities for all the things I use my system for.

So, unless a miracle happens, I will be in hibernation for several months.

I'll miss ya's. Please make sure you all have enough fun in Azeroth for the two of us, okies? Thankies!

***this message brought to you by the crazy people that live here & the Good Dr. Romord's PC***

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shrinns Twins..., cousins at least! hehe!

Now, try to tell me gnomes aren't cute! & they taste great in Orgrimmar stew, also! hehe

Found some oldies but goodies

.......... & some I'd never seen before. Since I like so much to pop in random pics to my random rants, I went looking for a few more! Ok, the old b&w cartoon pic that wouldn't open far enough for you, the reader, to read. Gah, that annoyed me so much that I sifted thru thousands of WoW pics on photobucket (where I originly found it) so I'll be leading with that!

I just think this cartoon is classic. It says a world of things about not just Blizzard. Blizz is just doing what sells....Sex crazed girls, that's what sells, according to gaming developers.

& wanna know something? If I had written the words in that bubble above the human's head, it would simply state, "Mah milkshake brings all da boiz to the yard." (sadly, I love that song!)

While we're on the subject, how falic are so many things in WoW? Ok, forget WoW, let's look at it a bit more objectively...videos games in general. I realize that people (not just men) are visually stimulated. I don't mean on a sexual level necessarily....... Although, that is a whole new issue all together. We can show such horrible violence on the screen, big & TV levels & in vidoes games, but we must hide most sexuality. That's a might @$$ backwards, if you ask me. Let's hero worship death, killing & dieing & forget to celebrate, & instead demonize, how we all even got here in the first place!

While we're on THAT subject, allow me to shift just a touch here & talk about the fact that the "bluest of blue" states voted against same sex marriage, but said "hellz mo fo'in yea" to more better accsess to MaryJane....Ganga Yum! lmFao!

Well, I don't suppose Grass ever made anyone ever kill anyone...
but I'm sure stuff that looks more kinda like this........

the needle in the picture not the purposed content here!

But again, I couldn't help but ROTFLMAO when I saw this choice tidbit!

Now, many things would not even be funny if they didn't have a dash of truth added in there. While we're talking about our WoW addiction in common, let's throw in a visual, shall we? (Hi, My name is Mary & I am a WoW Addict)

Now, I have finally given you a glimpse of my idea of ranting. I figure the name ought to hold true somewhere in all this mess.........

Hoping some folks got the giggles intended, Possibly I may have offended some of my dear readers, but Lastly, & Most importantly, maybe, *Hopefully, you stopped to think.

*Hope is never hopeless.
**Hope is always possible.
***Hope is endless in it's possiblities!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Nasirah & Elysse & Coralin Show

Druids for the motha lovin' WIN! You should've seen Nas tearin it up on Attumen, Moroes & the seasonal boss! She rocked it out! Woot! I had so much fun helping off tank. Coralin saved my bacon several times over. Nimble, agile, quick minded, that one, because we had a couple of crazies & he picked em up lickety split!
Well, of course I have pics, don't be silly! heheh! I cannot believe I picked up the main tanking duties on my baby 70 in Kara! Wow!

Nightbane FTW! I was shaking in my fur! For really!

I loathe this fight! I missed the green beam, of course, Netherspite healed back to full health. I am a slacker! (I still agree with Wulfa. This dragon looks like a she. Very pretty! I lurve dragons, not crazy about this one however & besides, why else would it be such a pain in the @$$? hehe )

But we prevail! Yay!

Ok, now I have seen some amazing tanks have a bit of trouble on this fight. Thank God for the nerf bat, that's all I can say. I got lucky, so damn lucky!

My wonderful friends carried my goofy butt all the way thru that raid last night! Thank you SO very much!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We flippin full cleared ZA...

Ok, the title says it all there....

On our way out after downing the Dragonhawk Boss during an AFK break. We almost had him for the timed event. We will have him next time, that I can be sure of! We learned alot tongiht. Watching it on is not the same as being there!

On the way to Hex Lord.

Yay for killing Hex Lord!

We kicked his bum on the second try! WeWt!

SO much Fun! Loved it, can't wait to go again :)

One time, when the realms were down....

I made an off realm baby hunter

Meet Opalea