Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes, Yes, there actually is. The Fine, Upstanding, "Young" Man A.K.A. Dr. Graimerin Falromord has been working to fix my computer since we woke up this morning!

It's has been shutting it's self off over night a couple to a few times over the last week or so. Did I tell the Doc? Of course not! I worry about the health of my PC just a might bit better then my own personal health & that's not saying much, folks. I also was wondering if my lil man had gotten up to go potty at night, messed with my PC & shut it off, in hopes of not getting caught.

Well, I woke up, it was turned off & John is with his father this weekend. No chance of just shrugging it off this time. So, I had to reboot from the power strip like I had been when it's done this to me in the past. & O, my, o, my, what a horrendous noise we had coming for the external fan in the back.

*nervousness kick into high gear now*

After all day of My Love, the most handsomest, wonderfulest man in the entire world, fiddling with the system he built me 3 -ish years ago, it's borked! I have no PC for the xpac, I have no PC for emails, I have no PC for paying bills, I have no PC for checking the bank.

*inhale, exhale*
*breathe deep & try not to kill people*
*find your happy place*

We still have his system for the urgent stuff. The "grown up" stuff. The stuff I absolutely MUST, beyond a shadow of a doubt, get done. BUT I don't have MINE!

I do not care for his system. I'll use it when needed, yes. Will I be able to "hang out" on it for hours on end like I can do on mine? Nope!

Can we afford to get me a new system right now? Nope! We were planning on building a whole new one in the spring, at tax time. It'll run us about the same as the old one he built me almost 3 years ago, but it'll be an ass load better, with screamin high capabilities for all the things I use my system for.

So, unless a miracle happens, I will be in hibernation for several months.

I'll miss ya's. Please make sure you all have enough fun in Azeroth for the two of us, okies? Thankies!

***this message brought to you by the crazy people that live here & the Good Dr. Romord's PC***


Nasirah said...

Nooo! How will we go on without our Shrinn!

Squirrelz said...

Indeed, how will we go on without our daily dose of Shrinn? Well, we look forward to your return. Keep in touch.

Compguy Pete said...

Did I miss the spot where you mention what's broken on it?