Thursday, November 13, 2008

I didn't think it would bug me so....

Ok, so Wrath is all up & running on Fal's PC. He wants to me to watch & be involved & it just sucks out loud. While I am estatic for him to be having so much fun, I can't help the sinking feeling in the pit of my belly.

Watching all the newness of the DK area makes me yearn to play my little Shrinnja. (Name thanks to Daak the Sidhe Devil) I was torn between that name & Shrinniggit for awhile, but I think I have decided now :P
I thought I was coming around to the idea of just not really playing until the spring...HAH! I am SUCH a junkie! I need a hit of WoW man! I need the Wrath of Shrinnja! lol!
But, you know, if I can't play Grai & Fal & Sheena, Mah Hunny's DK will be so far ahead of me AGAIN! It's been so nice over this last almost year to actually play with my BF on level with his toons. It just feels like going backwards a bit. I am going to lose some of my love of this game if I'm constantly begging him to help me level my toons! *sigh* & we had just stopped fighting over stupid shit regarding this game lately.

Thank God I know I have friends in Sihde Devils that will help run me thru stuff or answer my stupid questions coming up thru. Not that Fal/Grai isn't super & he is still one of my best WoW resources. I just don't wanna be bugging him with constant nagging question after question.

Ok, I think that I'm done with that rant for a bit!
Thanks for listening :)

*note: I got to play Shrinnja some tonight! Goodness, that was SO much fun! I have the bestest hunny in the world!


Ruune said...

You are totally allowed to bug, cajole and nag me for information and run throughs whenever you want.

Anyway, if you get withdrawal symptoms you will just have to find yourself one of those darkened gaming computer stores where you can play.

Paraclesus said...

..."Thank God I know I have friends in Sihde Devils" ...

Hell ya you do!

Shrinn said...

Muah! I lurve you guys, Man! *sniffle* *group hug*

Compguy Pete said...

Hey what was the final word... from reading your posting pretty closely it sounds like your power supply gave out.

Newegg has plenty of usable power supplies for less than 20bucks!

But the sounds and issues it was having I would suggest trying this low cost option.

Your favorite Holy Priest,