Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Nasirah & Elysse & Coralin Show

Druids for the motha lovin' WIN! You should've seen Nas tearin it up on Attumen, Moroes & the seasonal boss! She rocked it out! Woot! I had so much fun helping off tank. Coralin saved my bacon several times over. Nimble, agile, quick minded, that one, because we had a couple of crazies & he picked em up lickety split!
Well, of course I have pics, don't be silly! heheh! I cannot believe I picked up the main tanking duties on my baby 70 in Kara! Wow!

Nightbane FTW! I was shaking in my fur! For really!

I loathe this fight! I missed the green beam, of course, Netherspite healed back to full health. I am a slacker! (I still agree with Wulfa. This dragon looks like a she. Very pretty! I lurve dragons, not crazy about this one however & besides, why else would it be such a pain in the @$$? hehe )

But we prevail! Yay!

Ok, now I have seen some amazing tanks have a bit of trouble on this fight. Thank God for the nerf bat, that's all I can say. I got lucky, so damn lucky!

My wonderful friends carried my goofy butt all the way thru that raid last night! Thank you SO very much!


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! You go, girl! ^_^

Now you should re-spec to Resto and own up the healing meters. LOL

Ximera said...

funny, i had to pick up both the blue and the green beam last night. we were kind of planning on she (netherspite) being dead before portal phase #2 but that quite didnt happen so i had to get on that. go job tanking

Beowulfa said...

Go tanking Shroomage!