Friday, November 7, 2008

Found some oldies but goodies

.......... & some I'd never seen before. Since I like so much to pop in random pics to my random rants, I went looking for a few more! Ok, the old b&w cartoon pic that wouldn't open far enough for you, the reader, to read. Gah, that annoyed me so much that I sifted thru thousands of WoW pics on photobucket (where I originly found it) so I'll be leading with that!

I just think this cartoon is classic. It says a world of things about not just Blizzard. Blizz is just doing what sells....Sex crazed girls, that's what sells, according to gaming developers.

& wanna know something? If I had written the words in that bubble above the human's head, it would simply state, "Mah milkshake brings all da boiz to the yard." (sadly, I love that song!)

While we're on the subject, how falic are so many things in WoW? Ok, forget WoW, let's look at it a bit more objectively...videos games in general. I realize that people (not just men) are visually stimulated. I don't mean on a sexual level necessarily....... Although, that is a whole new issue all together. We can show such horrible violence on the screen, big & TV levels & in vidoes games, but we must hide most sexuality. That's a might @$$ backwards, if you ask me. Let's hero worship death, killing & dieing & forget to celebrate, & instead demonize, how we all even got here in the first place!

While we're on THAT subject, allow me to shift just a touch here & talk about the fact that the "bluest of blue" states voted against same sex marriage, but said "hellz mo fo'in yea" to more better accsess to MaryJane....Ganga Yum! lmFao!

Well, I don't suppose Grass ever made anyone ever kill anyone...
but I'm sure stuff that looks more kinda like this........

the needle in the picture not the purposed content here!

But again, I couldn't help but ROTFLMAO when I saw this choice tidbit!

Now, many things would not even be funny if they didn't have a dash of truth added in there. While we're talking about our WoW addiction in common, let's throw in a visual, shall we? (Hi, My name is Mary & I am a WoW Addict)

Now, I have finally given you a glimpse of my idea of ranting. I figure the name ought to hold true somewhere in all this mess.........

Hoping some folks got the giggles intended, Possibly I may have offended some of my dear readers, but Lastly, & Most importantly, maybe, *Hopefully, you stopped to think.

*Hope is never hopeless.
**Hope is always possible.
***Hope is endless in it's possiblities!

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Beowulfa said...

Hehe. You made me laugh, and I always think it's a good day if I've laughed at least once.