Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just for kicks and Shattar rep

We had some fun in regular Mech tonight....lookie

We had a great group too! Supposedly "new" healer, the pally Niele, did a fantastic job. I think there was some uncertainty there & it was completely unneeded :)
We had Ishvi, the pally tank, doing his tank & spank routine! lovely to watch, as always.
Morthog's feirce hunter Korthog (spelling) Morthog< you are just as good a hunter as you are kicking butt & taking names on ur pally in Kara!
Last, but certainly not least, Windshadow hops on as I am desperatly searching thru my friends list. So i asked if he would be interested in joining us on his preist. Thankfully he also needed Shat'tar rep
We had good times in the mech!

This is the end, my friend........

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