Saturday, July 26, 2008

as it turns out i am such a girl

So, yea, i realize I was getting alittle touchy about ppl that i miss & ppl that i've known & ppl that i havent kept in contact with as much as they havent kept in touch with me....& of COURSE it's not just the game i was getting salty about either.

My family is far away & i dont get to see them as much as i'd well as my old friends. I have been a gypsy for so long that i have built up walls to keep most ppl a "Safe" distance. Problem with that is, that's not me being tru to who i really am. It really takes a heck of a lot more work, for me at least, to be guarded. I do relish in some solise. I do like to be left alone from time to time...but i'm mostly an outgoing, "ppl person."
So when joining Sihde Devils...i guess i just havent been too sure as to which part of my personality to show. It seems like the most prominent part has already shown it's self tho & i'm veiwed as a the full loving, bubbly, silly lil goof i mostly am :) Thanks Sidhe Devils, for helping not take myself too seriously....I get alittle scary when I do that! Eeeeep!


Beowulfa said...

LOL you are so much fun. It has been awesome having you and Fal in the guild.

Anonymous said...

^_^ <3

Eustashius said...

I, for one, welcome our new shrinnpoof :-)


PS: I really am glad you're a Sidhe!