Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kara July 25 08

What fun & excitment fills our time in Karazhun! Last night, Shrinn managed to stay JUST below threat...except for the beginning on trash mobs. Now one might say that's all well & good. It's just trash mobs. At least you know how to act when you're up against the bosses....Well, no, it's not quite good enuff for me! First of all, if I pull the aggro off the tank (which having alts that tank & heal, i can speak from experience) the tank has to decide whether or not to chase. When i'm tanking, my first instinct is to run after that bugger so he doesnt hurt my healer. Speaking of healers....If I was healing in this particular case, suddenly someone besides the tank & melee need my attention & it's that GD glass cannon Shrinn not watching her flippin threat! Shrinn needs to montitor & reign in her desire to kill! That's one of the little lessons I learned in Kara last night!
Every singlle fight was smoothe! I dont believe there was a single group wipe. I could be mistaken, but that is great! Shrinn got an upgrade on wand & pants!!! The pants were Shrinn's last blue other then trinkets! I was so happy, i almost cried! A lovely lady (who also came in last minute to help heal) Elystia, cut me gems so i could gem it up right away. I put some mystic spellthread back on it & hit that equip button right quick! Believe it or not, i never went /oom on Prince! which was astounding to me seeing how I forgot to equip that mother lovin trinket AGAIN! Thank You Guys & Gals for taking this n00b 70 thru a pain in the ass, but u make it look easy Kara yet again!

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