Thursday, July 31, 2008

updates on the lowbies

I've been thinking..Shrinn owns too much of this blog. Time to share it with her welfare brats, AKA, the rest of my character sheet...
As you can see, I've been trying to level my baby, Elysse, the wonderfully great druid. So, here we are in BRD

Le Preist, Skipsam, got her damn mount today...She's very grateful to her sugar mama, Shrinn for grinding dailies to put her on the damn thing!
I figure this would also be a terrific time to tell you how Skipsam got her name. (everyone thinks I'm a dude who rolled a chick toon, btw)
My mom's very best friend since they were teenagers is my Aunt Skip. Funny thing, she met (about 18-19, they both were) a sexy man in uniform, who's nickname also happened to be Skip. Aunt Skip given name is Sammantha. Uncle Skip's given name is Gilbert, i believe. So, they fell in love, got married & had 4 gorgeous little girls (who are my age & older now)
& of course these ppl are no actual relation to me, but when I was a kid, u had respect for your elders. NEVER call them by their first name only. So it was "Aunt" or "Uncle" or "Ms." or "Mr."
This toon has the white haired updo with the sweeping long hair in the back. That's my aunt Skip, no doubt! I'm sure i helped create some of those white hairs along the way! HeHE!
So, her royal bitchy-ness got her first mount today! Grats Skipsam!

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