Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Home My Lil Man!

John just got home from his Gramma & Grandpa's. Last week he was with his dad. I wasn't able to get him a bunch of stuff this year but he still made out like a bandit!

Gramma & Grandpa got him a whole new snow suit type thing. John loves camo colors, so it's a new winter coat & snow pants. Also new green winter boots to match! They got him a V Tech VMotion. Man! God Bless VTech! I love it. He learns & plays & moves so he's not sitting stagnant & gaining a bunch of weight like his old Mom! Heh! A crayola color blast & a bunch of crafty, artsy type stuff for us to do together. Some new school clothes, hooray! Gramma & Grandpa should adopt me! LOL.

Anyhow, we've already played play dough. He's showed me the color blast. He's opened his hot wheels stuff from me. Last, but not least, he spent some time on his Vtech! Man, he is SO funny watching him play "his own game". He yells at the game, he goes "O, yes" when he does well. Honestly, I have NO idea where he gets this behavior from! Hehe!

AnyWho...It's great to have him home. I missed him. Time to go hang out with mah lil man!

Thanks for stoppin in & ciao 4 now!

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TheBigBearButt said...

That's just awesome, Shrinn, I'm glad John had a very Merry Mistmus, and I can totally relate to him talking to his 'very own game'.

Alex got his own Gameboy Advance (with lots of ancient games like mario and Rescue heroes) and he is all over that.

Hope you're having fun!