Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's late, but I have pictures

Pitures of the madness of going to see Santa. With his friends, Travis, Ned & Courtney. I love their parents so it was fun. We all hung out together :)

This is us, waiting in the longest line ever to go see Santa! lol

John is the one in the tan shirt, Travis, his best bud & classmate is in red, Ned is in grey & Courtney is the little girl...duh! TeeHee! Travis, Ned & Courtney are brothers & sister. So Cute!

O, And thanks so much to Miss Christina & Mr. Howard for having a digital camera & sharing these pictures with us all! Huzzah! :D

I love this one. He is SO BUSTED! But Travis doesnt seem to

Ah, the big pay off! Santa.... AT LAST! YAY!

I am just not traditional at all! But whatever!

Merry Mistmust, again :)

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