Saturday, December 20, 2008

Play Dough, Crochet & Cartoons...sigh

So, yea, I'm sick of Christmas Vacation!

Other then the blogging, I am still crocheting that burgandy & light navy colored throw blanket for the couch but also substituing on Fally/Grai's chair till I'm finished making his. Fally's will be black & gray.

So, I'm back in the blog o shpere with a vengence, I guess. But a girl must do something to keep herself sane amid all the molding clay, play dough, silly putty, coloring, stenciling, crafting ornaments & red & green Christmas chains. All while mostly hearing Timmy Turner or Jimmy Nuetron on the TV! I loathe the voices on the boy genius show! GRRRR! I do really like Nick toons & I thank my cable provider for the extra Nick channel every day. Heh!

Listen, I love my son to tears. He is the light of my life. He gives me joy like no other. As any parent knows, children also give grief like no other! So, pardon me as I do the happy Snoopy dance all the way to taking him to his dad's house for about the first week of the vacation later today! (that car is mighty small for dancing....)

He surprised me & his stepdad last weekend by deciding against going up to his dad's at all. He's never done that before, but he's getting old enough that we told him as long as his dad didn't mind, it was ok. He also gave us a shock by calling Fally/Grai his stepdad for the first time recently. So, yea, he amazes me. I adore him. He is cuter then should be allowed by law. I am very blessed.

O, Christmasy type pics are on there way from friends of ours...Just waiting to get the email!

Squak at ya's later & as always, thanks for stopping by!

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