Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, I went to the ER yesterday....

Yea, so I'm having pain in my left shoulder, neck & tingling down to my left hand. I felt faint & wasn't seeing very well. Freaked me out alittle, yeppers! Especially with all this crap going on on the left side of me only.

The pain in my shoulder & neck are there on & off pretty much 5 out of 7 mornings of the week & I can usually work it out with stretches & the shower. That peircing head ache (shooting right up behind my left eye)....& the poor vision, seeing spots, feeling like I was gonna faint...That was new. Yesterday morning, first thing when I opened my eyes it was the headache, then I tried to move & that hurt my neck & shoulder. Then I got up & I felt dizzy & the poor vision began.

Well, I went to work anyhow...Of course, it just got increasingly worse there! Soon as a third person came in @ 12 noon, my boss insisted that I go to the ER. I work with the sweetest, bestest people, ya'll! :-)

So, after, O, idk....6-7 hours there, would you all like to know what the diagnosis is???

Migraines & muscle pain/spasms in the neck & shoulder.


No more repeatative things like play on the computer or do crochet! Wait...What? Huh? Are you absolutly effin kiddin me with this?

At least not for a few days. BLARGH!

Good Grief!

AnyWho! Thanks for stopping in!

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Barrhona said...

Oh no!

Sorry to hear you feel bad. And really sorry you got crappy diagnosis. I would definitely recommend going to your primary doctor and asking for a 2nd opinion. ER's are not good at that kind of diagnosis, unless it's a heart attack (and I will speak not of how they tried to diagnose my marathon-running, Cooper Clinic Level fit dad of a heart attack when he just had surgery pain from his recent shoulder surgery).

In any case... what is up with Sidhe Devils getting sick? You, Buns, Wulfa (OK... maybe not Wulfa!). Should we rename ourselves the Sick Devils?

Get to feeling better!