Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagging FTW is right

Okies, I have decided to be a bit....obtuse. Thinking out of the box here a bit, but now that I'm back in the blog o shere, I just can't help meself!

Hehe, I've been feeling kinda sorry for myself since I can't actually PLAY WoW on my own PC anymore so I figured I would STFU in blog land.

So, two more tags. Not sure if either of you gents have yet been tagged, due to my temporary lack of reason, aka, break from "Blog Land".

The first of which is a friend from the guild & my "whisper buddy" heh! Eust, I lurve you!!!! Eust & I lurve when you write...just wish you had more time to do so! :)

The second of which a guildie directed me to & who's wit & style of writing I've come to enjoy. Skeleton Jack And although I haven't had a chance to play my death knihgt much, the misadventures of you & yours are entertaining! Hehe!

Shouting out here to Xim also. Ximera One of my hand picked from Exiled Elite, which was once "reborn", but now is very much morphed into something very different from the eutopia I once hoped it would be. If it is even still in exsistance!

Ah, the fun of thinking I could run my own guild! LMAO!

Thanks for stopping in & I'll be back! hehe!

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