Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gah, I really wish sometimes that I was this talented...or that I had the whole puter set up my seriously talented cousin has. He's this kind of artist...unfortunatly, even tho he's more then good enough to work for Blizz, last time I mentioned it to him he reminded me of his stance on "selling out to corporations".....GAH!
Anyhow I was playing around checking out some new FanArt on & thought I'd share my new desktop & future ones & some of my oldie but goodie faves :P

New desktop...Two of my most fave things in the world...Dragon & Fairies ....o, wait, there's no belf males in that pic! HEHE

This one here "might" be actual Blizz artist work but I can't be sure. Waht's your vote?

Last but DEFINETLY not least..........

Tru Story!

*note...apparently, this pic doesnt open enuff so that u can read the words...It's something along the lines of "ever wonder how these skimpy clothes they call armour keep us alive?" & of course all the boiz are drooling!

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