Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun & Death, down goes Coren Direbrew!

I love having an excuse to get my toons wasted! heh!

Shrinn got the Ram!!! Huzzah! I love her being tall as a dark iron baddie!

I love tankin this guy. Works best of course with some GREAT dps. Last night, I had my buds LF a tank for like an hour....So instead of hangin with guildies (which I do miss) I went & lended my no talent havin tanky ass to these fine folks!

Alipoo, Chugirh, & 2 guildies of Alipoo's, Great mage, Great pally! (sorry, ur names escape me at the moment, folks!)

we downed him 4 times & wiped once. We all got a bad lag spike on that one & I couldn't pop form & rez our healer with mah head in da barrel!

Elysse got the attack power trinket! WOOT! Can't wait to pvp with that bad boi!

We got into a bar brawl, we drank, we danced...& we watched the band!


Beowulfa said...

Hehe. Wasted Shrinn is pretty funny. I do hope, however, that there will be moments of sobriety thrown in. Just fer yer health, ya know. Then again, depending on what you've done while under the inlfuence, mebbe you don't want to sober up ... hehe.

Anonymous said...


I forgot I have my annoying title turned on... and I remembered why I don't join "General" chat. ^_^