Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DING!! 65 BabY!

Ok, I think that says it all! Elysse dinged 65 today. It was my whole plan John's first day back to school today. I asked for off of work & sat my ass in front of the dang puter most of the day. It was so quite in this home that I had to get up & check that I was in the right place a couple times. I did manage to get the dishes done also so that's a win/win, I say!

John's first day back was great for him too!
On the walk home (school is a block away, win again) I asked him, "Did ya miss me?" To which my darlin little boy simply replied, "Meh, alittle, I was having too much fun!" ROTFLMAO! I love that! I was beaming when he said that!
Well, here's to hoping this school year is gonna be GREAT! *cheers*

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Nasirah said...

Bah, you changed your layout again!