Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guild Ramps Run... Elysse tanked

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! I tanked Ramps last night, twice! Me & Cassie were the only non level 70's in there! Talk about testing ur threat holding capabilities!

I remembered to grab a couple pics

I cannot believe I was tanking out in front of the Big Bad Bear Butt himself & Gramerin was healing! Melpo was a great help also...These guys really kept it all together when I did lose threat so thank god for that!

Dow, Down, Down he goes....I didnt die either!

She is almost 64 & we are planning on me tanking Underbog this afternoon! I am too excited about this druid of mine! I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!!

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ASH said...

Welcome to the tanking druid family, the Buttinfaces.