Friday, August 22, 2008

me playing a melee...really?!?!

I don't understand why I have always been so much more comfortable, on alliance side, playing ranged DPS, or healer & Then Along Came The Druid...
Mind you, my actual very first toon was a druid.
Due to the fact that I am Irish & lean towards the idea of earth magic as my spiritual base, a druid automatically appealled to me. Then I stopped playing on & off quite a bit. & I got into my warlock & I got into my mage & I forgot about my druid...
Between ALL the different realms I play on I must have 7 druids spread out...but Elysse is the only one I've gotten this far leveling.
I've have always liked the name Elysse, but then I found out that it was also a name that my mother had concidered for my sister & I really fell in love with it. If John had been a girl, That (or some form of that) would have been the name I picked.

Anywho...I'm running off track here...
I am REALLY good at playing her...The more I play her, the better I get.

But I'm left sctraching my head about this a bit...
I DON'T play melee...I just dont!
I'm not good at it at least this is what i've always thought.
I've tried paladins in WoW...NOPE
I've tried a shamman in WoW....NOPE
I HAVE a level 19 wanna be twink rogue & I SUCK at playing her...i know i do.

I do have a warrior off realm on the hordie side & she's a nice change of pace.

I guess I kind of am stuck role playing no matter what realm I'm on, cuase I've noticed that my personality is slightly different depending which toon I play also.
& on the alliance side, I've always thought of the charaters as the softer, gentler side of me.
When I play my horde toons, I am more willing to be alittle more raw & gritty. Poor Maniacmare has tanked the RFC & WC so many times, she can run it with her eyes closed! LOL!

So, somehow, some way, my druid has managed to get that "UP IN YA" side out of me on one of my ally toons! I am impressed & midly intrigued...
The more I play her, the better I like her.
I knew I wanted to level a toon that could be more versitile.
Shrinn is the BOMB...literally...She's a fire mage & She was created after I saw that WoW movie "Big Blue Dress." But she will forever be stuck being crowd control, ranged DPS....
My lovely looking little druid (in her night elf form) can be feirce & raw & sick as hell in kitty & bear form. & If I ever get bored with that...I can go tree & heal or I can go boomkin & be ranged DPS again!

I guess it dawned on me how much I like her tonight when a preist on my friends list inspected me & said " U have NO chants on any of ur gear?!?!" My reply wasn't the most *cough* 'sane'. I simply said "Yea, she's just shear force & feirce feral power." To which my friend replied "uh, ok"
Truth of that statement is unless I have an enchanter (which I do, but she is only lvl 19) it doesnt really make alot of sense to spend the money chasing materials, or the time grinding them & then try to find someone to do them. (besides, i'm having too much fun playing her to stop & smell the enchants)
I'm still lvling her & while I'm still learning, I'm not exactly sure that her gear is good enuff for chants. Besides, for the next few levels I'll be switching out alot of gear...

It just makes me chuckle to myself alittle....Heh...basically what I told that person "I don't need no stinking enchants! Don't u realize who ur dealing with here?" Pretty much the same kind of smack I talk to the mobs as I'm killing them!

So...I guess Elysse snuck up on me a bit. Much like she does when she's stealthed & ready to pounce on a mob that is 3 or 4 levels higher then her & BANG, Zing, Rake, Shred...O, ops, ur dead!

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