Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along....?

Yes, Yes, I believe we can...
I tried to post this in gen discussion in the WoW Forums yesterday but the whole thing went buggy...(yes, I indeed intended on flaming & then
so here is where I'll be posting it, with much more evidence to back it up....

My brain started thinking, mulling some thoughts about when I learned that many of my new friends also have hordie toons. Sweet, so do I. All of them with any significant level are all off realm but meh! Good to know if I wanted to do a paid transfer, I'd have ppl to hang out with.

On to my next point. Monday, grinding a couple dailies, on Shrinn, on the Isle. Finished up my berry picking, the mana remnants & made all the sentries good guys again.
On to Crushing the Dawnblade. I'm messing around, taking my sweet old time, just cuz I don't have any other plans after dailies.
I then see a shamman in ghost wolf form running away from 2 mounted knights & a summoner. It's at this point that i think to myself, if those mobs respawned on top of me while i was trying to get my mana back, i'd be a dead puppy (pun intented) with that group. I look at her (I say her cuz it turned out to be a female toon) health bar, just as I suspected. I started critting my big 3000+ fireball...they all go tumbling down with the 2 of us working together :)
As we sit there, eating & drinking, getting our hp & mp back up to snuff, I realize I had been assisting a troll shammy. She then /thank & /sorry to me. We get respawn, more knights & summoners all at once before I could reply. & we go back to town, slaying the bad guys. I /shrug at my mob.
After that batch, we both /thank, /nod, /agree, /cheer & /dance each other! So, as I'm killing the Dawnblade I come across her again & we were actually helping each other. I let her tag, & I help her take 'em down & Vice Versa. & then we had a nice little dance session to show our friendly team work spirit :) I /bye, she /bye but we continue to run into each other as we're working around the Isle. /wave & /smile.
Then Yesterday, A tauren Warrior appeared to be struggling with some summoners. I just keep going along, cuz he alrdy had em tagged, as I saw him & them, just one shotting the imps. He /wave, /thank & /sorry. I just /smile & /nod.
Those imps are just plain mean...& I always kill them after my first fireball & then after couterspell & spelllstealing the summoner. Just poof, one shot fireblast.
Well, I got respawn holy hell on the knights once i got over that way where they all cluster & fight each other. Like 4 or 5 all at once...they're all fine & well to kill, but they just keep healing each other...Who do I see coming along to smash em so I dont die? You guessed it! My new tauren warrior friend!

As I see it, this is mucho better then /spit & /taunt each other all the time! I get that ALOT, especially when I'm mining a node of adamantite that the Belf pally (it ALWAYS seems to be the Belfs that I get this from) feels he is somehow more entitled to then lil old gnomish Shrinn >.> Dude, I got here first...i did /sorry & you're still gonna /spit on me? /pest

Anyhow, that's all I have to say about that! Life is like a box of chocoaltes...When it comes to interaction with the opposing faction in a nuetral area, you never know what you're gonna get!

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