Friday, August 8, 2008

Oooo I do not want to go to work today

Yep, there you have it. The title says it all! Grai had a sore throat & the whole ball of wax (that was plugging up his ears) earlier this weekend/last weekend. So, now, I've woken up with the same problem.
But, when I have to do the opening shift, it's even more difficult to find a replacement, so I didn't even try. Besides, I've got some issues to attend to with the manager.
Have you ever noticed that ppl bitch about something about others, that they themselves do & act liek they don't even realize it?
Example: Our 'new' old District Manager NEVER says Thank you. If she does, she turns right around & takes it back away. "I see you made your charge goal last week, Barely." You see the back handed way off verbal beat down there? The store manager will not let a mistake go. Serveral weeks ago, We had a large amout of markdowns to do. (Yay, a bunch more crap for the clearence racks) We happen to be one of the only stores in our area that carry dresses so we got a boat load for summer time....She continues to get her little digs in how I must've missed 50 dresses. (Our other manager tells me 50 is almost the whole amount of dresses we have) Although, she's been scheduling me almost every monday that we have markdowns since then...Am I confused?
The other day, she balled me out in front of another co worker & right on the sales floor about how things got put out on her days off the week prior. Wait, WAit, WAit....Am I a manager here? Did the Co Manager NOT put the stuff out that you are getting on my case for right now? & THEN, not 3 seconds later, as I'm back at the desk area, hanging up new stock, Manager & Co worker are up at the front of the store doing alittle whisper thing...are u fucking kidding me? Are we back in Jr. High? Cuz, if we were, you would NOT be the cool kid hun, not right now.....
Ok, Yea...So, I'm hopeful that this is the manager I'm working with today....hehe!


Beowulfa said...

Oh gosh I'm so glad I'm not full-time retail right now ... I remember those days. Many sympathies :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm not a fan of retail "clicks"...seriously people. You aren't amazing for working in retail. Get off your high horses! Granted, the nice, awesome people that work in retail get my respect and many thanks...

like the gal that helped me pick out an adorable skirt/outfit to surprise the boyfriend. She was adorable :) I told her manager what a great job she did.

Anyhoo though, stick it out, stay tough! and if ya can't...move on!