Friday, August 8, 2008

SEALymics 8808

This is when we were just starting to get everyone there! Doodle, you are a most gracious host! Thanks again!

I heart dancin bears....

I heart dancin stealthy kitties....

I heart noggenfogger....

I heart being on fire....
& Epic Flight Form!!!!

the start of the race:

During the race, (I started out in the lead, but then I decided that wasn't a very good pic)
Doesn't it look like seaworld! lol

A bunch of lil druids dancing in a row :)

The SEAL form dance contest...Which I was a runner up for!!! :)
I am a creative seal dancer :)

I had SO much fun!! I definetly needed it tonight! Thanks so much everyone!!!! YAY!

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