Monday, August 25, 2008

spending some time with Onyxia

So, We went to kill Onyxia, no small feet. I had never done any of this before so I have a notebook page full of the quest chain to gettin attuned.
1)Dragonkin Menace in the burning steppes @ Morgan's Vigil
2)The True Master's start @ burnings steppes-lakeshire-stormwind keep-back to Morgan's Vigil (this is not even the beginning of all the run around...heh)
3)The Search for Marshall Windsor. I believe this is where i had to go listen to dude's story. He's over at a horde FP...but it's a nuetrel area, so as long as u don't try to kill anyone, they wont try to kill u.
Wowikki also mentioned Abandoned Hope, which I don't remeber doing (might have, Thanks very much to Cassie & Wind, I got everything after Tru Masters done right before we went)

Then I had to find [A Crumpled Up Note] which led to
4)A Shred of Hope get some things from some bosses in BRD & take them back to the dude in the cell....but dont accept the next quest he has for you before your whole party is ready & before you've cleared the mobs in the I did! :{
5) Jail Break
6)Stormwind talk to Squire Rowe, receive [Fragment of Dragon's eye]
I Think this is where the lady of stormwind reveils herself...That was fun, fun, fun!

Also, at this point, Wind reminded us that / next to number lock would make us all walk with the NPC...Winsor. So it would look like a march thru SW.

"FAll IN MEN....We March!"

Aw look, we made a friend...someone is SW also knows about the walk trick

The whole time I was looking at the pics & renaming & moving to a shortcut folder to make em easier for me to get to, I began to hear a song in my head. If you are at all familiar with it, look at the pics again & see if you also think it fits.
Seal sings "A Prayer For the Dying" (as time marches oooonnn-ooon, it goes on)

Restore it's power in Winterspring...that's easier said then done also. heh.

So, on again, this is were we formed the raid group (surprise, surprise, with mostly 70's we only needed 11 or 12 ppl) All of us that were the appropriate level got a summons...aka, I think I was the only one!
After Doodle got the rest of the key & We went into UBRS (which I'd like to also get the key...more research) In UBRS, there is the boss fight to take on. I got to tank one of the little guys...I was shoked & amazed that I was able to hold any aggro off Squirrelz.. .. He really rocked it out!
O, BABY! I was excited & nervous & alittle scared!
If anything, I'm still mildly timid about getting in there...I don't want to make a mistake...I am SO OVERLY concerned about that. I don't melee...I don't tank...Heh! Think again!
So, in we go "To Ony's Lair" & talk about a beautiful creature to kill.... Just look at her!

My, Ony, What Big Wings You Have....But don't look to smug, cuz ur goin down!

She's not so tough as she looks...well, not when u have an incredible grouop of freinds to help out! :)

We rolled for the head...which I'm almost positive I have a pic of her dead, but I am still looking for that one.

The great thing, I won the roll & got to turn in the head & I got a great necklace, which I really needed the upgrade for!
So We all went back to SW as I did the turn in & got to watch him hang it...& Again, that song is going thru my head again..."Prayer for the Dying"....

Now, FOr anyone that might be reading & has a better memory then me, please feel free to tell me where I made a mistake or missed something in the quest line...Thanks

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