Friday, August 1, 2008

Crop Circles By Graimerin

This was our first heroic attempt..I tried pugging it once...that didnt go over so well. Grai had never tried & to be frank, he was thinking he wasn't "up to snuff" for a heroic MgT. I knew that wasn't right, but he had to see for himself! :)

We had Windshadow, the Big Bear Bottom himself, as an off tank where needed & DPS where needed. Cassieann, her royal roguey-ness, in all her stealthy, kick butt glory. Last but certainly not least, Nas, in tree form! Man, she is a feirce healer!
We kicked that places butt till we got to the preistess & discovered, we really needed more CC.
And, I had a bucketload of pics that i took in there & i was goning to post them in a seperate blog & do my lil "what i learned from this experience" thing....Problem, i cant find all those pics now >.>
I go into my program files, into my WoW screenshots & moved them all over to my "shortcut to screenshots" folder that is on my i always do....
Then, i get back into blog land & try to put them in here & I can't find them....LOL!
Wasn't meant to be, apparently!
But i will continure the search....& if i ever find em, i'll put em up here :)

SWEET! I found one :)

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