Friday, August 29, 2008

O, I am LOVIN this druid

So, We ran Kara last night...Mind you Elysse is only 62 (almost 63) so of course I ran on Shrinn...
I missed my druid! I really didn't wanna be dragged away from her!

She tanked Blood Furnace yesterday with a feirce Pick Up Group (AKA PuG) & we rocked it out! I actually totally forgot to take any pics cuz i was SO nervous! there were NO group wipes. There was 2 healer deaths & that was mostly my fault, but it was an amazing run! Good fun people matched with the great playing! I addy'd every single one of em to Elysse's friends list!
We sat in LFG for about an hour till we found a healer. During that time we ran around Hellfire doing group quests & the 4 of us getting a "feel" for each other. Worked out very nicely. So, while the 4 of us were questing, a mage whispers me "what u guys need in that group?" I said, "we're LF heals" To which they reply "I see 4 healing capable ppl in ur group."

Well, I just adore when ppl tell me stuff I already know. I think it's marvelously cute....*sigh*
We had me - feral druid & decently geared for that at 62
We had Quietnoise - Boomkin druid
Ensura- ranged DPS shammy
& Our Shad preist i cannot remember her name ... Sorry :{

So, i told that lil punk ass that none of us were geared or specced for heals & that our boomkin was willing to try healing if the mage wanted to join....After irritating me, he/she comes back with "O, I can't, I'm with my rogue friend & we wanna go in together".....GRRRRRRRRR! & U wonder why the more I play WoW the less I like people???

No matter, I had a blast & I did ok...I'm still learning but I'm getting over my fear alittle bit. After yesterday, I'm SO pleased with my druid performance. O, & all the ppl in my PuG were alts, so it's no wonder we did well ;p

On a different matter....Elysse made her first discovery today! Finally! My alchy is I believe it is a Flask of Mighty Restoration or some such...Adds mp5 & healing...lasts thru death...2 hours....

So, I'm completely excited about mah lil baby Druid (not such a baby anymore)

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