Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Heart Wulfa

Ok, I knew that title would get a glance or two....
I heart Dammy & Orclette too, give me a chance to explain :)
My Mom & sis-in-law came Sunday to pick up my son & take him home to Jersey for an undetermined amount of time. I am not kidding about this statement. It will be a week at least, 2 possibly if he's having a good time & is "Behaving" himself...not sure what that will mean by their standards. I know they'll be more lax then me.
So, yes, i miss him, of course i miss him like crazy! I'm trying not to call every second & find out how he's doing or behaving. Is he having fun? Does he even miss me at all? :( This is his first "big" vacation without mom or his dad. He's gone to spend a couple over nights @ his father's parents, but they live MUCHO closer. It's only an hour from me, just the other side of the NY/PA border, really. But, like, he hasn't called...i wonder if he's asked "when's mommy gonna be here?" or anything about me at all >< I'm going thru it, 4 real...im such a sap >.>
& just seeing the pics of Orclette & u 2 older, but just as cute Orcs...Makes me smile. So, I'm borrowing your domestic bliss for the week, okies? Nope, i dont visit your blog for the Orclette pics, but this week, they're helping with my kid jones :)

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Beowulfa said...

I heart Shrinn!

Get those 6 numbers yet so we can go shopping? :)

And I bet your boy is totally missing you, but I think I know what you're going through. He'll be back soon!