Friday, September 19, 2008

First Time For Elysse

~ In Kara ~

I was SO nervous...I was actually alittle shaky in there last night folks. Ok, ok, I know, this was nowhere near my first time IN Kara. But my job has always been well known to me. I am fire mage, glass cannon, hear me blast a spell in ya.

Well, I guess I am not always that & I have the pics to prove it.

Before Kara, Here I wear a very respectable tank set that many people worked hard to help me get. Special Thanks to Wulf-Ness, 3B & My Hunny Buns, Grai. I don't know where exactly you gathered all the mats for me to have 3 very sweet pieces for when I turned 70! I do know that our friends in the guild had something to do with it!

Here I am trying not to totally flub. I am not prepared to be a tank in Kara. That's the god's honest truth. I hardly have the mindset yet to run a 5 man. So, ok, ok, there was no pressure to "run" kara last night, but there is a certain take charge attitude that comes with being a tank even if it's just off tanking. I am not there, not yet. I was too damn nervous. I was freaked out, period.

So, i am druid, i am night elf...i must dance!!!! & I lurve the footsteps of illidan that makes it look like i am emitting some profuse gas!

I didnt wipe us, i didnt wipe us....holy SHIZZ! WE LIVE!!!!!

Those were my only thoughts as he went down. I was not thinking, expecting, hoping for any gear....
Well, I am druid, I am night elf....I am loot whore!

Stay #2 on threat, that is ur job here...yep, yep...dont do anything stupid, second job...well, terrible pull....

NO WIPES...phew!

I just knew in my bones that tonight was gonna be the night that Kara made me sing for my supper....& Cassie went in to Opera (not naked as we all requested, especially the Big Bear Butt himself) started the event & vanished. Yes, Yes, last night was a tale of forbidden love & that freakin vial did not drop for Cassie! :(

Holy Crizzap...a boss fight that did not drop something mah dru could use...what a relief!

On with the show....

I tanked the voidwalker lookin thingys & I must say, this part showed some real potential to the possiblity of some sort of talent on mah dru....maybe

Dont know that i did enough work to get all the goodies i got last night tho.

Here's to you, Curator, You are about the drop my druid T4 gloves!

Are you kidding me? Never, ever, in my wildest emerald dreams did I think you would on my first ever, prolly don't belong in here yet run thru Kara! Spoiled lil Druid....Shrinn had to work long & hard for all of her kara gear!!!!!!

Awwwww, Bye Fel. Thanks for coming & switching with Xiliah now. I feel like crap that I'm a loot whore & you didnt get any dang drops :(
But I am very pleased that I was not "token gnome" for once :P

Chess event....another thing I "could've" used...Thank God Wulfa won the roll on that belt! I would've cried.
No pics, I forgot! Why did I forget? Cuz I knew what was coming....Prince....


On the way to prince, I did a shitty pull...but again, we LIVE! You wonderful are ppl that put up with my no talent druid! Thank the Gods for you all!

Ok, first try, I don't have to get on that GD pole! /scowl at that pole... WOOT!

O....wait....I have to KNOW & be versed in a totally different part of this fight....Hmmmm. /cower & /tremble again.

Dang, it's kinda lonely out here Cas & Morthog....Don't you miss the pole? O...wait, I'm the fire mage...Nope, not tonight....

Hmmm....ok, so he got us. & I sucked. If I had been thinking properly, I would've moved far away from the damn infernals (not towards the hole in the wall), popped form & healed alittle...DUH! So, we wipe, I suck, it's offcical...But I knew I suck & I just had to prove it!

(Here is a short foot note...NO WIPES TILL PRINCE! How do ya like us now? Yea WHAT!)

WEEEELLLLLLLlllll, I had to mention that healy thing out loud, didn't I? Back to the pole with u, damn druid!

This, This right here is a veiw & a way of doing this fight that I know...I know this veiw all too well....


Here I find my healy talent severly nerfed by my own hand...I gots no gear...& I ain't that good of a healer anymore....W. T. H. happened? This is the toon I was part resto for until my 40's so I could heal in bg's....Hmmmmmphf!

He won't best us! Do you realize the crew we're rollin with here?

I won the roll for the healy mace, that I am required to bring for every raid & everything on this toon for ever now. That is my own personal requirement!

ok, & then there were 8! Wulf-Ness, poor sicky gurl, came with us because she enjoys this, because this is her "Ness" time...because we're both moms & we don't treat ourselves to bubble baths the way we should. Raid night is "our" time, damnit!

& Xiliah, lovely sweet mana battery that she is, was sleepy! G'night fair ladies. Thanks for stoppin in!

So, we had some helpers step in & finish the place off. The only things we "missed" last night were the 2 dragons & Illhoof. Thank you Melpo & Drusilia (spelling ?)

Hmmm...more kitty Luv from me. Okay, got it!

Sweet ass tanking necklace. Again, thank the gods Morthog won that roll.

I have ALOT to learn. But I am willing & I am pliable. (imagine wet clay here) I want to be useful where ever that may be.

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me try out a brand new 70 druid in Kara. I don't know how I got to be so blessed!

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