Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am a lucky girl....

Ok, as you may know, i'm sick as a dog. I feel like BIG poopoo kaka & that's an understatment.
But, I am still a VERY lucky girl! I have the BESTEST boyfriend in the whole wide world. He's been cooking dinner to help me out. He went to Wendy's tonight so we could eat. He's been distracting my son so he's not all the way up my bum when I don't feel good!
On that note, my sweet little boy is trying SO hard not to talk loudly or be too crazy cuz he really does understand that Mama is sick. I don't even want him to get too close to me cuz I definetly do not want him to get sick again.

PLUS!.... my wonderful, sexy, handsome Hunny had Wind make me a sick ass necklace last night too!

So, (& he says men just LOVE to hear this...) I am gonna show you how cute he is IRL...
(well, I think he's cute. He doesn't see it but I think he has a baby face)

And here's proof that we DO still have fun together sometimes! (& we are still crazy after all these years) This was a couple years ago @ at family/freinds picinic we try to have once a year back home in Jersey. They set up some kind of water balloon thingy. Fal/Grai kept trying to help John to hit the target with the water ballon. Well, my niece got up to try it & Fal hops out of the shadows to hit it with his hand so I would get soaked! LOL! That's him running behind the thing there :)

Now, that is it Wulfa, I have no more digital pics of us, So dont even ask ;p


Grai's Gang said...

I must be talking my hands are has anybody that has ever raided with me knows I very rarely ever shut up....Plus im not reall nice just building karma for when I get the cold

Shrinn said...

O, crappy dappy do, Scoob...I'm gonna have to take care of him when he gets sick >< lol

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pics hardly at all. That is a shame because, though sick, that is a beautiful story. Hope you feel better!

ps. please allow other commenters.

Beowulfa said...

Aww he is cute! And he looks kind of like I pictured him. I hopes you feel better soon :D And I am sad that there are no more pictures. I want one where I can see your face :D

I send a gnome to take your picture.