Sunday, September 14, 2008

Elysse has her Flappy....

Ok, well, i DID get myself into alittle trouble flappy'ing around the very first time looking for content I had never discovered on Shrinn.... I just really need to pay better attention. I was lookin for herbs...

I was THRILLED to find out that I can gather herbs in flight form!!!!

Just after this picture, I was just flying & typing in guild & not paying any attention out in Blade's Egde. I stopped in mid air, to type something long winded that no one prolly even cared about ;P & this huge, green fireball came outa nowhere. BANG, I was down! I happily landed on one of the little thingys that jut out all over the mountains in Blade's Edge, but I was burnin up with damage over time from that damn cannon. I didn't get my heal off in time, so a death run soon!

And here we have my first stab at tanking the Underbog. Thank GOd Grai was with me cuz there was plenty I had forgotten :)

And here we had some fun in SP last night. FunBuns gave me a break from tanking tho, cuz I have been doing alot of it. I'm beginning to get little grey hairs all over my ass IRL from tankin with my face so much :) YAY! I never thought I'd love tanking like this :)
Well, enuff outa me, time to go level that lil Nelf :)

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