Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun & Games in Kara

Ok, ok, I hate to say this, but I really MISSED Kara! I know, I know, a select few have it on "Farm" & it does seem to get easier EVERY time we go in there! I am also aware that some of us get bored doing the same old, same old, but I had so much fun!

I love how we burst into dance during the afk's in Kara!

A gnome caught between a druid & a druid place....Pimpin aint easy! LOL

Imma have to come up with some "Moonclaw" recipes, seeing how Wind's kitty kept trying to emote eat the gnome & now is honin in on my pimp stylin! HeHe!

Ok, I'm off, cuz reading on line hurts my eyes after awhile & Yes, I am going to get that checked. Plus, Elysse will NEVER get into Kara if I don't get her hairy lil bear/kitty butt movin :)

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