Sunday, September 14, 2008

TruBlood on HBO

One more thought before I get lost in playing on my druid (which is SO easy to do lately)

Last night, I watched that show TrueBlood on HBO. Let me give you alittle back story about me.

I LOVE Vamps.

I am not Goth, I am not Emo (which is what goth used to be right?...GAWD! i am old) I am not one of those people that go get their teeth done at a dentist.

I was raised hard core born again Christian. We even went door to door with tracts on the weekends...the "cute lil happy family" (yea, okay) the time my mother FINALLY started to let me celebrate halloween again (we got cable back too around that same time) She didnt realize I had been watching alot of my older brothers & sister's old movies & I had had alot of time to just read. What was I watching & reading? Stuff about the elusive, mystical, magical Vampire.
So, I perfected an idea of me as a vampire by then. & that was my halloween costume every year. The first couple years, I did it in part just because I knew she hated it & that's what daughters do. Mom hates it ??? That means I love it! But also, I connected with these fierce "evil" creatures. I wrote alot back then too. I have sereral poems about Vampires. I just have to find that poem book & I 'll share my favorite one, "My Mortal Kiss"

Ok, on to the show....The first show of TrueBlood

Well, I liked it. First, I know that I've seen Anna Paquin (spelling?) in a couple places before. I just can't place it. Right off the bat, she's alittle ditzy. But she explains that's a method for getting better tips...okay. I've been a waitress....meh, I'll buy it. She's got this really cool trait, she hears people's thoughts....Hmmm. They put too much makeup on her, makes her look older & more tired then needs to be, imo.
The instant chemistry between her & the Vamp is palitable. The tension is so real & big. Just the sparks flying off their charaters fills up the screen. Well, they put a cool new twist on the old folktales & legends of the Vampire. They can now "meld into society." They are drinking fake blood & not killing mortals to live. Hhhhmmmmmmmm....VERY interesting....
Well, there are about a million places they can take this concept. So, I guess I'll have to stick around for more :)

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