Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guild Ramps Run... Elysse tanked

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! I tanked Ramps last night, twice! Me & Cassie were the only non level 70's in there! Talk about testing ur threat holding capabilities!

I remembered to grab a couple pics

I cannot believe I was tanking out in front of the Big Bad Bear Butt himself & Gramerin was healing! Melpo was a great help also...These guys really kept it all together when I did lose threat so thank god for that!

Dow, Down, Down he goes....I didnt die either!

She is almost 64 & we are planning on me tanking Underbog this afternoon! I am too excited about this druid of mine! I am hooked!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

O, I am LOVIN this druid

So, We ran Kara last night...Mind you Elysse is only 62 (almost 63) so of course I ran on Shrinn...
I missed my druid! I really didn't wanna be dragged away from her!

She tanked Blood Furnace yesterday with a feirce Pick Up Group (AKA PuG) & we rocked it out! I actually totally forgot to take any pics cuz i was SO nervous! there were NO group wipes. There was 2 healer deaths & that was mostly my fault, but it was an amazing run! Good fun people matched with the great playing! I addy'd every single one of em to Elysse's friends list!
We sat in LFG for about an hour till we found a healer. During that time we ran around Hellfire doing group quests & the 4 of us getting a "feel" for each other. Worked out very nicely. So, while the 4 of us were questing, a mage whispers me "what u guys need in that group?" I said, "we're LF heals" To which they reply "I see 4 healing capable ppl in ur group."

Well, I just adore when ppl tell me stuff I already know. I think it's marvelously cute....*sigh*
We had me - feral druid & decently geared for that at 62
We had Quietnoise - Boomkin druid
Ensura- ranged DPS shammy
& Our Shad preist i cannot remember her name ... Sorry :{

So, i told that lil punk ass that none of us were geared or specced for heals & that our boomkin was willing to try healing if the mage wanted to join....After irritating me, he/she comes back with "O, I can't, I'm with my rogue friend & we wanna go in together".....GRRRRRRRRR! & U wonder why the more I play WoW the less I like people???

No matter, I had a blast & I did ok...I'm still learning but I'm getting over my fear alittle bit. After yesterday, I'm SO pleased with my druid performance. O, & all the ppl in my PuG were alts, so it's no wonder we did well ;p

On a different matter....Elysse made her first discovery today! Finally! My alchy is I believe it is a Flask of Mighty Restoration or some such...Adds mp5 & healing...lasts thru death...2 hours....

So, I'm completely excited about mah lil baby Druid (not such a baby anymore)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

new schedule 8/31-9/6

Ok, first thoughts...Can you believe the kids are going back to school already? Can you believe that summer's almost over? *cry*

All based on EST
Sun 8/31: ~OFF~
Mon 9/1: 11a-4p
Tue 9/2: 11a-3p
wed 9/3: ~OFF~ John's first day of school, plz don't count on me for anything :)
Thu 9/4: 3p-7p
Fri 9/5: 11a-3p
Sat 9/6: 2p-6p

Yep, hopefully, I can find sometime in this choppy schedule to do something other then dailies! heh...
See you in Azeroth :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

spending some time with Onyxia

So, We went to kill Onyxia, no small feet. I had never done any of this before so I have a notebook page full of the quest chain to gettin attuned.
1)Dragonkin Menace in the burning steppes @ Morgan's Vigil
2)The True Master's start @ burnings steppes-lakeshire-stormwind keep-back to Morgan's Vigil (this is not even the beginning of all the run around...heh)
3)The Search for Marshall Windsor. I believe this is where i had to go listen to dude's story. He's over at a horde FP...but it's a nuetrel area, so as long as u don't try to kill anyone, they wont try to kill u.
Wowikki also mentioned Abandoned Hope, which I don't remeber doing (might have, Thanks very much to Cassie & Wind, I got everything after Tru Masters done right before we went)

Then I had to find [A Crumpled Up Note] which led to
4)A Shred of Hope get some things from some bosses in BRD & take them back to the dude in the cell....but dont accept the next quest he has for you before your whole party is ready & before you've cleared the mobs in the I did! :{
5) Jail Break
6)Stormwind talk to Squire Rowe, receive [Fragment of Dragon's eye]
I Think this is where the lady of stormwind reveils herself...That was fun, fun, fun!

Also, at this point, Wind reminded us that / next to number lock would make us all walk with the NPC...Winsor. So it would look like a march thru SW.

"FAll IN MEN....We March!"

Aw look, we made a friend...someone is SW also knows about the walk trick

The whole time I was looking at the pics & renaming & moving to a shortcut folder to make em easier for me to get to, I began to hear a song in my head. If you are at all familiar with it, look at the pics again & see if you also think it fits.
Seal sings "A Prayer For the Dying" (as time marches oooonnn-ooon, it goes on)

Restore it's power in Winterspring...that's easier said then done also. heh.

So, on again, this is were we formed the raid group (surprise, surprise, with mostly 70's we only needed 11 or 12 ppl) All of us that were the appropriate level got a summons...aka, I think I was the only one!
After Doodle got the rest of the key & We went into UBRS (which I'd like to also get the key...more research) In UBRS, there is the boss fight to take on. I got to tank one of the little guys...I was shoked & amazed that I was able to hold any aggro off Squirrelz.. .. He really rocked it out!
O, BABY! I was excited & nervous & alittle scared!
If anything, I'm still mildly timid about getting in there...I don't want to make a mistake...I am SO OVERLY concerned about that. I don't melee...I don't tank...Heh! Think again!
So, in we go "To Ony's Lair" & talk about a beautiful creature to kill.... Just look at her!

My, Ony, What Big Wings You Have....But don't look to smug, cuz ur goin down!

She's not so tough as she looks...well, not when u have an incredible grouop of freinds to help out! :)

We rolled for the head...which I'm almost positive I have a pic of her dead, but I am still looking for that one.

The great thing, I won the roll & got to turn in the head & I got a great necklace, which I really needed the upgrade for!
So We all went back to SW as I did the turn in & got to watch him hang it...& Again, that song is going thru my head again..."Prayer for the Dying"....

Now, FOr anyone that might be reading & has a better memory then me, please feel free to tell me where I made a mistake or missed something in the quest line...Thanks

Friday, August 22, 2008

me playing a melee...really?!?!

I don't understand why I have always been so much more comfortable, on alliance side, playing ranged DPS, or healer & Then Along Came The Druid...
Mind you, my actual very first toon was a druid.
Due to the fact that I am Irish & lean towards the idea of earth magic as my spiritual base, a druid automatically appealled to me. Then I stopped playing on & off quite a bit. & I got into my warlock & I got into my mage & I forgot about my druid...
Between ALL the different realms I play on I must have 7 druids spread out...but Elysse is the only one I've gotten this far leveling.
I've have always liked the name Elysse, but then I found out that it was also a name that my mother had concidered for my sister & I really fell in love with it. If John had been a girl, That (or some form of that) would have been the name I picked.

Anywho...I'm running off track here...
I am REALLY good at playing her...The more I play her, the better I get.

But I'm left sctraching my head about this a bit...
I DON'T play melee...I just dont!
I'm not good at it at least this is what i've always thought.
I've tried paladins in WoW...NOPE
I've tried a shamman in WoW....NOPE
I HAVE a level 19 wanna be twink rogue & I SUCK at playing her...i know i do.

I do have a warrior off realm on the hordie side & she's a nice change of pace.

I guess I kind of am stuck role playing no matter what realm I'm on, cuase I've noticed that my personality is slightly different depending which toon I play also.
& on the alliance side, I've always thought of the charaters as the softer, gentler side of me.
When I play my horde toons, I am more willing to be alittle more raw & gritty. Poor Maniacmare has tanked the RFC & WC so many times, she can run it with her eyes closed! LOL!

So, somehow, some way, my druid has managed to get that "UP IN YA" side out of me on one of my ally toons! I am impressed & midly intrigued...
The more I play her, the better I like her.
I knew I wanted to level a toon that could be more versitile.
Shrinn is the BOMB...literally...She's a fire mage & She was created after I saw that WoW movie "Big Blue Dress." But she will forever be stuck being crowd control, ranged DPS....
My lovely looking little druid (in her night elf form) can be feirce & raw & sick as hell in kitty & bear form. & If I ever get bored with that...I can go tree & heal or I can go boomkin & be ranged DPS again!

I guess it dawned on me how much I like her tonight when a preist on my friends list inspected me & said " U have NO chants on any of ur gear?!?!" My reply wasn't the most *cough* 'sane'. I simply said "Yea, she's just shear force & feirce feral power." To which my friend replied "uh, ok"
Truth of that statement is unless I have an enchanter (which I do, but she is only lvl 19) it doesnt really make alot of sense to spend the money chasing materials, or the time grinding them & then try to find someone to do them. (besides, i'm having too much fun playing her to stop & smell the enchants)
I'm still lvling her & while I'm still learning, I'm not exactly sure that her gear is good enuff for chants. Besides, for the next few levels I'll be switching out alot of gear...

It just makes me chuckle to myself alittle....Heh...basically what I told that person "I don't need no stinking enchants! Don't u realize who ur dealing with here?" Pretty much the same kind of smack I talk to the mobs as I'm killing them!

So...I guess Elysse snuck up on me a bit. Much like she does when she's stealthed & ready to pounce on a mob that is 3 or 4 levels higher then her & BANG, Zing, Rake, Shred...O, ops, ur dead!

New Schedule

For this upcoming week...
So far, just the work Schedule. Don't know what the raiding/group questing/instancing schedule looks like at this point...Will keep this updated when I know more....Of course, I'm gonna continue grinding Elysse up thru.

Sun. Aug. 24th: 12:30p-4:30
Mon. Aug. 25th: ~OFF~
Tue. Aug. 26th: 9:30a-4:30p
Wed. Aug. 27th: 9:30a-2p
Thu. Aug. 28th: ~OFF~
Fri. Aug. 29th: 10a-3p
Sat. Aug. 30th: 4:30p-9:30p

Monday, August 18, 2008

Elysse Dinged 60!!!

So, thanks to the kindness & patience of my fellow guildies, She's been spending alot of time in Ramps & BF...Wanna see?

& Then, due to some kindness from my handsome & wonderful boyfriend....
He hung out with me on his hunter, Padrad (Feirce kitty Siam) till I got to level 60 & then ran me around Zanger getting herbs :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Emissary Roman'Khan in Silithus

I stumbled upon a prime target while questing on Elysse in Silithus. I fell in love with the idea of killing this creature. Seriously! I kept going on & on mindlessly about how much I wanted to kill him in guild chat.
So, between all my lunatic rantings & Fal/Grai going on about how tough he had been pre BC, I suppose this aroused some suspicions of my guild mates. Daak was on an alt & he got on his main cuz he wanted to check this "skull" leveled world boss out!
Meet me friend, Emissary Roman'khan.....

So, between me & Daak, we decided to just see what fighting him would be like...

He was SO tempting...SO alluring...

I was SO in shock & awe of this lovely egyptian looking mob........

I had fantasical notions of all the pretty shinies he might drop for me....

Well...we two manned him! LOL!!!! What a bubble burster...I didnt even have to pop form & heal Daak. I stayed in cat form the whole time!
O, & he dropped 33 silver! Are u flippin kidding me Blizz?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along....?

Yes, Yes, I believe we can...
I tried to post this in gen discussion in the WoW Forums yesterday but the whole thing went buggy...(yes, I indeed intended on flaming & then
so here is where I'll be posting it, with much more evidence to back it up....

My brain started thinking, mulling some thoughts about when I learned that many of my new friends also have hordie toons. Sweet, so do I. All of them with any significant level are all off realm but meh! Good to know if I wanted to do a paid transfer, I'd have ppl to hang out with.

On to my next point. Monday, grinding a couple dailies, on Shrinn, on the Isle. Finished up my berry picking, the mana remnants & made all the sentries good guys again.
On to Crushing the Dawnblade. I'm messing around, taking my sweet old time, just cuz I don't have any other plans after dailies.
I then see a shamman in ghost wolf form running away from 2 mounted knights & a summoner. It's at this point that i think to myself, if those mobs respawned on top of me while i was trying to get my mana back, i'd be a dead puppy (pun intented) with that group. I look at her (I say her cuz it turned out to be a female toon) health bar, just as I suspected. I started critting my big 3000+ fireball...they all go tumbling down with the 2 of us working together :)
As we sit there, eating & drinking, getting our hp & mp back up to snuff, I realize I had been assisting a troll shammy. She then /thank & /sorry to me. We get respawn, more knights & summoners all at once before I could reply. & we go back to town, slaying the bad guys. I /shrug at my mob.
After that batch, we both /thank, /nod, /agree, /cheer & /dance each other! So, as I'm killing the Dawnblade I come across her again & we were actually helping each other. I let her tag, & I help her take 'em down & Vice Versa. & then we had a nice little dance session to show our friendly team work spirit :) I /bye, she /bye but we continue to run into each other as we're working around the Isle. /wave & /smile.
Then Yesterday, A tauren Warrior appeared to be struggling with some summoners. I just keep going along, cuz he alrdy had em tagged, as I saw him & them, just one shotting the imps. He /wave, /thank & /sorry. I just /smile & /nod.
Those imps are just plain mean...& I always kill them after my first fireball & then after couterspell & spelllstealing the summoner. Just poof, one shot fireblast.
Well, I got respawn holy hell on the knights once i got over that way where they all cluster & fight each other. Like 4 or 5 all at once...they're all fine & well to kill, but they just keep healing each other...Who do I see coming along to smash em so I dont die? You guessed it! My new tauren warrior friend!

As I see it, this is mucho better then /spit & /taunt each other all the time! I get that ALOT, especially when I'm mining a node of adamantite that the Belf pally (it ALWAYS seems to be the Belfs that I get this from) feels he is somehow more entitled to then lil old gnomish Shrinn >.> Dude, I got here first...i did /sorry & you're still gonna /spit on me? /pest

Anyhow, that's all I have to say about that! Life is like a box of chocoaltes...When it comes to interaction with the opposing faction in a nuetral area, you never know what you're gonna get!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

work schedule for the next week and a half

Ok, here's my work schedule for the next week & a half...

Wed 8/13 9:30a-4p
Thu 8/14 10a-1p (Grai's Birthday)Also the night of Kara lower part 7 pm server
Fri 8/15 4:30p-9:30p
Sat 8/16 2p-6p
Sun 8/17 OFF
Mon 8/18 9:30a-1:30p Possibly ZA 1 or 2 bosses 7 pm server
Tue 8/19 6p-10p
Wed 8/20 OFF
Thu 8/21 12p-4p
Fri 8/22 1p-6p
Sat 8/23 12p-4p

Hopefully, I can get together with my freinds in Azeroth around that!

My little boy is gonna be home this weekend sometime...YaY!

Friday, August 8, 2008

SEALymics 8808

This is when we were just starting to get everyone there! Doodle, you are a most gracious host! Thanks again!

I heart dancin bears....

I heart dancin stealthy kitties....

I heart noggenfogger....

I heart being on fire....
& Epic Flight Form!!!!

the start of the race:

During the race, (I started out in the lead, but then I decided that wasn't a very good pic)
Doesn't it look like seaworld! lol

A bunch of lil druids dancing in a row :)

The SEAL form dance contest...Which I was a runner up for!!! :)
I am a creative seal dancer :)

I had SO much fun!! I definetly needed it tonight! Thanks so much everyone!!!! YAY!

Oooo I do not want to go to work today

Yep, there you have it. The title says it all! Grai had a sore throat & the whole ball of wax (that was plugging up his ears) earlier this weekend/last weekend. So, now, I've woken up with the same problem.
But, when I have to do the opening shift, it's even more difficult to find a replacement, so I didn't even try. Besides, I've got some issues to attend to with the manager.
Have you ever noticed that ppl bitch about something about others, that they themselves do & act liek they don't even realize it?
Example: Our 'new' old District Manager NEVER says Thank you. If she does, she turns right around & takes it back away. "I see you made your charge goal last week, Barely." You see the back handed way off verbal beat down there? The store manager will not let a mistake go. Serveral weeks ago, We had a large amout of markdowns to do. (Yay, a bunch more crap for the clearence racks) We happen to be one of the only stores in our area that carry dresses so we got a boat load for summer time....She continues to get her little digs in how I must've missed 50 dresses. (Our other manager tells me 50 is almost the whole amount of dresses we have) Although, she's been scheduling me almost every monday that we have markdowns since then...Am I confused?
The other day, she balled me out in front of another co worker & right on the sales floor about how things got put out on her days off the week prior. Wait, WAit, WAit....Am I a manager here? Did the Co Manager NOT put the stuff out that you are getting on my case for right now? & THEN, not 3 seconds later, as I'm back at the desk area, hanging up new stock, Manager & Co worker are up at the front of the store doing alittle whisper thing...are u fucking kidding me? Are we back in Jr. High? Cuz, if we were, you would NOT be the cool kid hun, not right now.....
Ok, Yea...So, I'm hopeful that this is the manager I'm working with today....hehe!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Heart Wulfa

Ok, I knew that title would get a glance or two....
I heart Dammy & Orclette too, give me a chance to explain :)
My Mom & sis-in-law came Sunday to pick up my son & take him home to Jersey for an undetermined amount of time. I am not kidding about this statement. It will be a week at least, 2 possibly if he's having a good time & is "Behaving" himself...not sure what that will mean by their standards. I know they'll be more lax then me.
So, yes, i miss him, of course i miss him like crazy! I'm trying not to call every second & find out how he's doing or behaving. Is he having fun? Does he even miss me at all? :( This is his first "big" vacation without mom or his dad. He's gone to spend a couple over nights @ his father's parents, but they live MUCHO closer. It's only an hour from me, just the other side of the NY/PA border, really. But, like, he hasn't called...i wonder if he's asked "when's mommy gonna be here?" or anything about me at all >< I'm going thru it, 4 such a sap >.>
& just seeing the pics of Orclette & u 2 older, but just as cute Orcs...Makes me smile. So, I'm borrowing your domestic bliss for the week, okies? Nope, i dont visit your blog for the Orclette pics, but this week, they're helping with my kid jones :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Crop Circles By Graimerin

This was our first heroic attempt..I tried pugging it once...that didnt go over so well. Grai had never tried & to be frank, he was thinking he wasn't "up to snuff" for a heroic MgT. I knew that wasn't right, but he had to see for himself! :)

We had Windshadow, the Big Bear Bottom himself, as an off tank where needed & DPS where needed. Cassieann, her royal roguey-ness, in all her stealthy, kick butt glory. Last but certainly not least, Nas, in tree form! Man, she is a feirce healer!
We kicked that places butt till we got to the preistess & discovered, we really needed more CC.
And, I had a bucketload of pics that i took in there & i was goning to post them in a seperate blog & do my lil "what i learned from this experience" thing....Problem, i cant find all those pics now >.>
I go into my program files, into my WoW screenshots & moved them all over to my "shortcut to screenshots" folder that is on my i always do....
Then, i get back into blog land & try to put them in here & I can't find them....LOL!
Wasn't meant to be, apparently!
But i will continure the search....& if i ever find em, i'll put em up here :)

SWEET! I found one :)