Monday, September 29, 2008

Doncha Wish Ur Maiden Was Hawt Like Me

& Like Wulfa, Felsprite & Muchachita?


Obviously, I was a bit more comfortable in my role as off tank/Kitty DPS the second time thru

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun & Death, down goes Coren Direbrew!

I love having an excuse to get my toons wasted! heh!

Shrinn got the Ram!!! Huzzah! I love her being tall as a dark iron baddie!

I love tankin this guy. Works best of course with some GREAT dps. Last night, I had my buds LF a tank for like an hour....So instead of hangin with guildies (which I do miss) I went & lended my no talent havin tanky ass to these fine folks!

Alipoo, Chugirh, & 2 guildies of Alipoo's, Great mage, Great pally! (sorry, ur names escape me at the moment, folks!)

we downed him 4 times & wiped once. We all got a bad lag spike on that one & I couldn't pop form & rez our healer with mah head in da barrel!

Elysse got the attack power trinket! WOOT! Can't wait to pvp with that bad boi!

We got into a bar brawl, we drank, we danced...& we watched the band!

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Time For Elysse

~ In Kara ~

I was SO nervous...I was actually alittle shaky in there last night folks. Ok, ok, I know, this was nowhere near my first time IN Kara. But my job has always been well known to me. I am fire mage, glass cannon, hear me blast a spell in ya.

Well, I guess I am not always that & I have the pics to prove it.

Before Kara, Here I wear a very respectable tank set that many people worked hard to help me get. Special Thanks to Wulf-Ness, 3B & My Hunny Buns, Grai. I don't know where exactly you gathered all the mats for me to have 3 very sweet pieces for when I turned 70! I do know that our friends in the guild had something to do with it!

Here I am trying not to totally flub. I am not prepared to be a tank in Kara. That's the god's honest truth. I hardly have the mindset yet to run a 5 man. So, ok, ok, there was no pressure to "run" kara last night, but there is a certain take charge attitude that comes with being a tank even if it's just off tanking. I am not there, not yet. I was too damn nervous. I was freaked out, period.

So, i am druid, i am night elf...i must dance!!!! & I lurve the footsteps of illidan that makes it look like i am emitting some profuse gas!

I didnt wipe us, i didnt wipe us....holy SHIZZ! WE LIVE!!!!!

Those were my only thoughts as he went down. I was not thinking, expecting, hoping for any gear....
Well, I am druid, I am night elf....I am loot whore!

Stay #2 on threat, that is ur job here...yep, yep...dont do anything stupid, second job...well, terrible pull....

NO WIPES...phew!

I just knew in my bones that tonight was gonna be the night that Kara made me sing for my supper....& Cassie went in to Opera (not naked as we all requested, especially the Big Bear Butt himself) started the event & vanished. Yes, Yes, last night was a tale of forbidden love & that freakin vial did not drop for Cassie! :(

Holy Crizzap...a boss fight that did not drop something mah dru could use...what a relief!

On with the show....

I tanked the voidwalker lookin thingys & I must say, this part showed some real potential to the possiblity of some sort of talent on mah dru....maybe

Dont know that i did enough work to get all the goodies i got last night tho.

Here's to you, Curator, You are about the drop my druid T4 gloves!

Are you kidding me? Never, ever, in my wildest emerald dreams did I think you would on my first ever, prolly don't belong in here yet run thru Kara! Spoiled lil Druid....Shrinn had to work long & hard for all of her kara gear!!!!!!

Awwwww, Bye Fel. Thanks for coming & switching with Xiliah now. I feel like crap that I'm a loot whore & you didnt get any dang drops :(
But I am very pleased that I was not "token gnome" for once :P

Chess event....another thing I "could've" used...Thank God Wulfa won the roll on that belt! I would've cried.
No pics, I forgot! Why did I forget? Cuz I knew what was coming....Prince....


On the way to prince, I did a shitty pull...but again, we LIVE! You wonderful are ppl that put up with my no talent druid! Thank the Gods for you all!

Ok, first try, I don't have to get on that GD pole! /scowl at that pole... WOOT!

O....wait....I have to KNOW & be versed in a totally different part of this fight....Hmmmm. /cower & /tremble again.

Dang, it's kinda lonely out here Cas & Morthog....Don't you miss the pole? O...wait, I'm the fire mage...Nope, not tonight....

Hmmm....ok, so he got us. & I sucked. If I had been thinking properly, I would've moved far away from the damn infernals (not towards the hole in the wall), popped form & healed alittle...DUH! So, we wipe, I suck, it's offcical...But I knew I suck & I just had to prove it!

(Here is a short foot note...NO WIPES TILL PRINCE! How do ya like us now? Yea WHAT!)

WEEEELLLLLLLlllll, I had to mention that healy thing out loud, didn't I? Back to the pole with u, damn druid!

This, This right here is a veiw & a way of doing this fight that I know...I know this veiw all too well....


Here I find my healy talent severly nerfed by my own hand...I gots no gear...& I ain't that good of a healer anymore....W. T. H. happened? This is the toon I was part resto for until my 40's so I could heal in bg's....Hmmmmmphf!

He won't best us! Do you realize the crew we're rollin with here?

I won the roll for the healy mace, that I am required to bring for every raid & everything on this toon for ever now. That is my own personal requirement!

ok, & then there were 8! Wulf-Ness, poor sicky gurl, came with us because she enjoys this, because this is her "Ness" time...because we're both moms & we don't treat ourselves to bubble baths the way we should. Raid night is "our" time, damnit!

& Xiliah, lovely sweet mana battery that she is, was sleepy! G'night fair ladies. Thanks for stoppin in!

So, we had some helpers step in & finish the place off. The only things we "missed" last night were the 2 dragons & Illhoof. Thank you Melpo & Drusilia (spelling ?)

Hmmm...more kitty Luv from me. Okay, got it!

Sweet ass tanking necklace. Again, thank the gods Morthog won that roll.

I have ALOT to learn. But I am willing & I am pliable. (imagine wet clay here) I want to be useful where ever that may be.

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me try out a brand new 70 druid in Kara. I don't know how I got to be so blessed!

Where were you Sept. 17 approx 3:30 P.M. EST?

I was leveling Mah Dru to 70 BABY! Yea WHAT!?!?!?!? :)

With alittle help from my friends I've got some spankin good gear for bear form & a GREAT new spec!!! Thank you SO much everyone!

Dancin with the Wulf-Ness & hangin with her preist, Beowulfa & my hunny, on Padrad the hunter LUV, today in this pic!

Now, imma go do some more dailies! *smoochies woochies to all who stopped by*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

TruBlood on HBO

One more thought before I get lost in playing on my druid (which is SO easy to do lately)

Last night, I watched that show TrueBlood on HBO. Let me give you alittle back story about me.

I LOVE Vamps.

I am not Goth, I am not Emo (which is what goth used to be right?...GAWD! i am old) I am not one of those people that go get their teeth done at a dentist.

I was raised hard core born again Christian. We even went door to door with tracts on the weekends...the "cute lil happy family" (yea, okay) the time my mother FINALLY started to let me celebrate halloween again (we got cable back too around that same time) She didnt realize I had been watching alot of my older brothers & sister's old movies & I had had alot of time to just read. What was I watching & reading? Stuff about the elusive, mystical, magical Vampire.
So, I perfected an idea of me as a vampire by then. & that was my halloween costume every year. The first couple years, I did it in part just because I knew she hated it & that's what daughters do. Mom hates it ??? That means I love it! But also, I connected with these fierce "evil" creatures. I wrote alot back then too. I have sereral poems about Vampires. I just have to find that poem book & I 'll share my favorite one, "My Mortal Kiss"

Ok, on to the show....The first show of TrueBlood

Well, I liked it. First, I know that I've seen Anna Paquin (spelling?) in a couple places before. I just can't place it. Right off the bat, she's alittle ditzy. But she explains that's a method for getting better tips...okay. I've been a waitress....meh, I'll buy it. She's got this really cool trait, she hears people's thoughts....Hmmm. They put too much makeup on her, makes her look older & more tired then needs to be, imo.
The instant chemistry between her & the Vamp is palitable. The tension is so real & big. Just the sparks flying off their charaters fills up the screen. Well, they put a cool new twist on the old folktales & legends of the Vampire. They can now "meld into society." They are drinking fake blood & not killing mortals to live. Hhhhmmmmmmmm....VERY interesting....
Well, there are about a million places they can take this concept. So, I guess I'll have to stick around for more :)

Elysse has her Flappy....

Ok, well, i DID get myself into alittle trouble flappy'ing around the very first time looking for content I had never discovered on Shrinn.... I just really need to pay better attention. I was lookin for herbs...

I was THRILLED to find out that I can gather herbs in flight form!!!!

Just after this picture, I was just flying & typing in guild & not paying any attention out in Blade's Egde. I stopped in mid air, to type something long winded that no one prolly even cared about ;P & this huge, green fireball came outa nowhere. BANG, I was down! I happily landed on one of the little thingys that jut out all over the mountains in Blade's Edge, but I was burnin up with damage over time from that damn cannon. I didn't get my heal off in time, so a death run soon!

And here we have my first stab at tanking the Underbog. Thank GOd Grai was with me cuz there was plenty I had forgotten :)

And here we had some fun in SP last night. FunBuns gave me a break from tanking tho, cuz I have been doing alot of it. I'm beginning to get little grey hairs all over my ass IRL from tankin with my face so much :) YAY! I never thought I'd love tanking like this :)
Well, enuff outa me, time to go level that lil Nelf :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am a lucky girl....

Ok, as you may know, i'm sick as a dog. I feel like BIG poopoo kaka & that's an understatment.
But, I am still a VERY lucky girl! I have the BESTEST boyfriend in the whole wide world. He's been cooking dinner to help me out. He went to Wendy's tonight so we could eat. He's been distracting my son so he's not all the way up my bum when I don't feel good!
On that note, my sweet little boy is trying SO hard not to talk loudly or be too crazy cuz he really does understand that Mama is sick. I don't even want him to get too close to me cuz I definetly do not want him to get sick again.

PLUS!.... my wonderful, sexy, handsome Hunny had Wind make me a sick ass necklace last night too!

So, (& he says men just LOVE to hear this...) I am gonna show you how cute he is IRL...
(well, I think he's cute. He doesn't see it but I think he has a baby face)

And here's proof that we DO still have fun together sometimes! (& we are still crazy after all these years) This was a couple years ago @ at family/freinds picinic we try to have once a year back home in Jersey. They set up some kind of water balloon thingy. Fal/Grai kept trying to help John to hit the target with the water ballon. Well, my niece got up to try it & Fal hops out of the shadows to hit it with his hand so I would get soaked! LOL! That's him running behind the thing there :)

Now, that is it Wulfa, I have no more digital pics of us, So dont even ask ;p

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nas, just for you...

TeeHee! Yeppers, I changed it AGAIN! Just for U Nas! ~.^

I'm still trying to get a feel for how I like it tho. This one seems like a winner...possibly.

Elysse dinged 67 running around Blade's Egde & then I ran around Nagrand with my hunny on his hunter, Padrad. & Wind had an adorable little macro for when I dinged :)

Well, I feel like I've been hit by a bus or a semi or some damn thing so I'm off to rest..... Once the medicine kicks in, anyhow.

Off to await my R&R (fingers crossed) all! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

trying to 'fix' this....

I am trying to make the whole page of my blog appear more visually appealling...
YIKES! Anywho, got to go to work soon (ish) So, I'll play more later :)

Maintence Day...

And I'll be at work when the realms come back up...So, I'm alittle bored.
I found some cute pics that I figured I would share with you. They are the only digital pics I have of my lil big man, John.

He's about 3 years old here, might have just turned 4. My Aunt & Uncle came up to visit us.

Holding the hamster. He named it "Baby." Was his first pet with me. I think his dad had their cat by then, but as far as I'm concerned, that dwarf hamster was his first pet ;P

That's my Aunt Patty. She's so pretty :)

Me & 'the boy' & 'Baby'. Terrible pic of me, but meh, w/e...the kid's still cute ;P

What merriment!

Ah, indeed...The fun & games we have! Alittle Molten Core, Old School LOVE! Ok, ok, I'm not old school. Not for real, cuz this was actually my first time IN Molten Core, but I'd still like to share a cute little story with you while we're on the subject...

First, Here's getting Elysse attuned for it...

Turned out, we didnt need her, cuz a mage was what was a DIRE Need for the AoE & this mage can't say no to friends in need. I came in way late due to the fact that I had to work & then bought a bike to ride home that night.

So, I think it was right after this fight, an old friend of mine (Shadow Presit, pretty Feirce) whispers me, "Wow! MC, eh?"
"Yea, I'm having fun with it." How r u? Bla, BLa, Bla... (ya know)

"Just never see anyone in there anymore..."
"Actually, it's one of the great things about this guild. We do old world stuff so others can join. There's not that 'Leetist 70s' feel to things. Fun for more ppl"

"When did U get so PC?"
Bahaha, I lol'd irl :)

"ok, i gotta shut up now, i have to pay attention"
ttyl & all that....

This is where I got shot up in the air & i was in my ice block in the air, just didnt take the pic in time :)

Forgot about this...

Well, well, well...I completely forgot about our go at a World Boss Dragon! That was fun, so HOW did I forget....? This was a couple weeks ago, so maybe that is why/how....
There was no PuG'ing, all were ppl I knew except for one warlock. I believe Ash is the one that picked the warlock up. I guess they were admiring it together. Please correct me if I'm wrong, cuz I'm old & I forget stuff :) We had Sihde Devils & people from my friends list...

Here we are dancing, playing & carrying on while we get the group together...& at this point, I am almost late for work! lol

Pre Boss..."Dreamcatcher" (?) "Dreamtracker" (?) Something like that....heheh

Ok, the little one went down easy! & it did not prepare me for what was to come....

Ok, my only question is...WHY is there NO mass dispell on posion?

One day I'd like to get it together enough to go take on all the dragons...we were SO close with this guy/gal (?) If we had had 15 instead of 11, I think it would've been in the bag. Well, the right 15 with the right group compostion :) This was just a whim & I think we did pretty damn good! Yay!