Thursday, July 31, 2008

HooRay Elysse Dinged

Grats to lil Ms. Elysse, mah dru! 54.....I am loving druids more & more :)

updates on the lowbies

I've been thinking..Shrinn owns too much of this blog. Time to share it with her welfare brats, AKA, the rest of my character sheet...
As you can see, I've been trying to level my baby, Elysse, the wonderfully great druid. So, here we are in BRD

Le Preist, Skipsam, got her damn mount today...She's very grateful to her sugar mama, Shrinn for grinding dailies to put her on the damn thing!
I figure this would also be a terrific time to tell you how Skipsam got her name. (everyone thinks I'm a dude who rolled a chick toon, btw)
My mom's very best friend since they were teenagers is my Aunt Skip. Funny thing, she met (about 18-19, they both were) a sexy man in uniform, who's nickname also happened to be Skip. Aunt Skip given name is Sammantha. Uncle Skip's given name is Gilbert, i believe. So, they fell in love, got married & had 4 gorgeous little girls (who are my age & older now)
& of course these ppl are no actual relation to me, but when I was a kid, u had respect for your elders. NEVER call them by their first name only. So it was "Aunt" or "Uncle" or "Ms." or "Mr."
This toon has the white haired updo with the sweeping long hair in the back. That's my aunt Skip, no doubt! I'm sure i helped create some of those white hairs along the way! HeHE!
So, her royal bitchy-ness got her first mount today! Grats Skipsam!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just for kicks and Shattar rep

We had some fun in regular Mech tonight....lookie

We had a great group too! Supposedly "new" healer, the pally Niele, did a fantastic job. I think there was some uncertainty there & it was completely unneeded :)
We had Ishvi, the pally tank, doing his tank & spank routine! lovely to watch, as always.
Morthog's feirce hunter Korthog (spelling) Morthog< you are just as good a hunter as you are kicking butt & taking names on ur pally in Kara!
Last, but certainly not least, Windshadow hops on as I am desperatly searching thru my friends list. So i asked if he would be interested in joining us on his preist. Thankfully he also needed Shat'tar rep
We had good times in the mech!

This is the end, my friend........

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Slaying of ZA HooRay

WootNess! I am so lucky, blessed & down right over indulged to have friends like the Sidhe Devils! I am still quite a n00b 70 & for me to be still just "Coming of age" & go into a brand new instance to me was thrilling! Yea, it took alittle time to get the kinks worked out, but that was the point! Now, we came, we saw, we counquered....Line it up again, please Triple B & lets see if we can shorten the time by, oh idk...15-20 minutes next time? & then the time after that...shave a few more minutes off & so on & so on! I promise, i really was being careful with my threat. I learned that i need to spread out from the other ranged dps so when he does his little stomp/stun/hurt thingy, he doesnt get a "2fer". It very well may have been mentioned on vent...several times even, but i obviously didnt hear it!
So, watch my threat, spread out & LISTEN to the raid lead in vent!

Other then that.............. What a way to farm a badge! YaYness!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

as it turns out i am such a girl

So, yea, i realize I was getting alittle touchy about ppl that i miss & ppl that i've known & ppl that i havent kept in contact with as much as they havent kept in touch with me....& of COURSE it's not just the game i was getting salty about either.

My family is far away & i dont get to see them as much as i'd well as my old friends. I have been a gypsy for so long that i have built up walls to keep most ppl a "Safe" distance. Problem with that is, that's not me being tru to who i really am. It really takes a heck of a lot more work, for me at least, to be guarded. I do relish in some solise. I do like to be left alone from time to time...but i'm mostly an outgoing, "ppl person."
So when joining Sihde Devils...i guess i just havent been too sure as to which part of my personality to show. It seems like the most prominent part has already shown it's self tho & i'm veiwed as a the full loving, bubbly, silly lil goof i mostly am :) Thanks Sidhe Devils, for helping not take myself too seriously....I get alittle scary when I do that! Eeeeep!

found some original pics

Hmmm....went thru a bunch of my screenshots & got alittle salty/sappy/silly! So many ppl I havent seen in so long. So many ppl that "used" to "love" me, till i left EoG. So much stuff coming back to remind why i get real tired of this game real fast sometimes....But that is life, there are fair weather friends no matter what u do, why should a MMORPG be any different?
well, here's some pics of the kiddies from my very first account...
Ellelyn waas the preist, Shrinnkette was the Lock & Elysse is still the DRUID!!! :)

Kara July 25 08

What fun & excitment fills our time in Karazhun! Last night, Shrinn managed to stay JUST below threat...except for the beginning on trash mobs. Now one might say that's all well & good. It's just trash mobs. At least you know how to act when you're up against the bosses....Well, no, it's not quite good enuff for me! First of all, if I pull the aggro off the tank (which having alts that tank & heal, i can speak from experience) the tank has to decide whether or not to chase. When i'm tanking, my first instinct is to run after that bugger so he doesnt hurt my healer. Speaking of healers....If I was healing in this particular case, suddenly someone besides the tank & melee need my attention & it's that GD glass cannon Shrinn not watching her flippin threat! Shrinn needs to montitor & reign in her desire to kill! That's one of the little lessons I learned in Kara last night!
Every singlle fight was smoothe! I dont believe there was a single group wipe. I could be mistaken, but that is great! Shrinn got an upgrade on wand & pants!!! The pants were Shrinn's last blue other then trinkets! I was so happy, i almost cried! A lovely lady (who also came in last minute to help heal) Elystia, cut me gems so i could gem it up right away. I put some mystic spellthread back on it & hit that equip button right quick! Believe it or not, i never went /oom on Prince! which was astounding to me seeing how I forgot to equip that mother lovin trinket AGAIN! Thank You Guys & Gals for taking this n00b 70 thru a pain in the ass, but u make it look easy Kara yet again!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I think I need to spend more time with my son

Well, I got home from work this evening & right here at my computer desk was a folded piece of paper. I opened it up & inside was a cute little drawing with hearts & a rainbow type thing. It says "I picture of a heart U, Mom." Well, melt me down to the floor why dont ya? He asked me this morning if I'd draw him a picture this weekend, while he's at his dad's! I think I'll go do just that!
I love Shrinn & I love Elysse & I love WoW, but my son....I adore him!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Schedule the week of July 28 thru August 2

Ok, for all u fine, wonderful, lovely folks that have come to check up on my blogging capablities, First, thanks :)
This upcoming Friday night (tomorrow), i have plans to run in kara with the Sidhe Devils. (On Shrinn, of course)
So, this week's Work schedule:
Fri 7/25 2p - 6p
Sat 7/26 OFF (Have the pig roast we're going to)
Sun 7/27 OFF
Mon 7/28 12p - 6p
Tue 7/30 11a-4p
Wed 7/30 11a-4p
Thu 7/31 OFF
Fri 8/1 4:30p-9:30p
Sat 8/2 9:30a-2:30p

***This is subject to change

Figuring out this blogging stuff

WOOHOO!!!!!!! i managed to figure out all by my little lonesome how to addy the links to blogs i like that are written by some frineds in the game!!! YaY for lil gnomish one! ok, that's all! lol

The fun and games of a shapeshifter

Played around in Un'Goro today. Met a super cool pally was questing with for a bit...Got tired of just sitting, so I logged out! I did manage to get her halfway thru lvl 50. Also upped my alchemy & cooking some. So, all & all, it was productive.
Besides, I needed to hang with John a little bit, make more coffee, do some dishes & wake up the "big bear butt" of this household! HEHE! Love you Grai :)

Now i need to go run some dailies on Shrinn to get the money up for all the many flasks of pure death i go thru in kara! NEED To hurry & lvl that druid so shrinn can STOP getting gouged on the AH! heh

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Intro to the SS Craziness

Please allow me to introduce my charater sheet! Shrinnpoof, level 70 fire mage, is my main in World of Warcraft (hereafter known as WoW) on the realm Kael'thas.
I have a feral druid, Elysse, that I just leveled to 50 tonight as I tanked for ZF! (YaY! This toon is my baby! Druids are probably my favorite, altho u couldn't tell it seeing how i lvled my mage first!)
36Dranei shadow preist, 29 Nelf hunter (may be 29 for the rest of her life, i do like pvp from time to time) 22 gnome demons lock, 22 Shamman (my bank lvl 19 wanna be twink gnome rogue. That's just the allies! (yikes) hehe!
Hordies on the same realm are just my son's troll hunter. level 12 (?) now i believe. He just finished his hunter quest today! GRATS lil man, John :) John is 6 years old! lol
I also have an insane amount of off realm toons.
Feathermoon, (RP) the most prominent. 24 (probably alittle higher?) UD preist, 24 orc warrior, 14 (?) UD rogue ( i FAR prefer UD rogues to any other i've ever made. i just play them better!) 16 Belf hunter, her cat's name is ElGatoDiablo! That name is a nod to a couple of things. First thing, before I started playing WoW, i played Diablo (no love for Blizz at all here) & I really liked that movie "The Rundown" with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson & that guy that played Stiffler in American Pie!
I know there's a fifth on this list too, but i cant think of her due to the fact that I havent had to go hide on my off realm toons lately! HeH!

So, let me tell you about the name..."Shrinnpoof" !!! Why in the hell would anyone in their right mind wanna be tagged with a name like this? First off, no one is claiming to be in their right mind in this post! Secondly, it's a cute lil story ;p My first account, my main was a gnome lock named Shrinnkette. (the current lock is my remake of her & her name is Shrinnkette) My boyfriend sons, (of which he has many!) created a bunch of toons on "my" account when they were visiting. So, we decided, that once they got their own PC @ mom's house, they could have that account. I then deleted all my babies...the lock, the druids & the preist...I actually almost cried over the druids!

Now, on to why I haven't found myself hiding on off realms....

PUGGING Kara!!!! ouch! I said it! I met some wonderful people thru Camila & Unseenfiend (the GL's of a new guild Blood 4 Blood) I met the Sidhe Devils (pronounced She Devils) After many weeks of running with them, I found that I felt what seemed to me had been missing in the guild I was in. The heart, the spirit, the love of gaming, the reminder that this is JUST A GAME & having fun in spite of ourselves! Didn't take me long to realize I wanted to make that guild my home. And I have. I was pleased, & a bit taken aback by their happiness to welcome me! I am SO thankful to them for having me!

I was intending to make this a short intro, but it seems i've prattled more then i thought i would.

Thank you Wulfa, for thinking i might have something interesting to add to the blog o sphere & talking me into doing this! (didnt take much talking)

Thanks for reading what will hopefully be one of many of my tangents!