Monday, February 23, 2009

Good news, Bad news, & in other news...

Bad news first....The new job just let go a whole butt load of people today. Like BRAND new people...Some of these people they just hired last Friday. Yea, tell me about it. Ok, did I give you a moment to collect your jaw up off your computer desk? Good. The good part is that MY client, the client I work on the phones for, did not let any one go.


Just the idea of letting all those people go today because we lost one client...*shivers*....Sobering stuff in these scary times, my fine fellow blog-o-shere readers!

Our whole entire flippin household was sick this weekend. Poor Babe, AKA Grai...We spent a large portion of our day in the ER. Diagnosis? Pnuemonia. My son & myself get a head cold, this poor bugger has to go & get spots all up on/in the lungs & what not! Yikes! This is why I make the motherly/wifely STRONG suggestions to go to the ER on a weekend, no matter how much unfun it was.

In a further health related topic, I go for my LOVELY spinal tap on Wednesday....Dun duhda, Dun dahda! I am hoping that just the test will start to eleveate the pain in my head. *prayers said, fingers crossed*

Ok, I like to save the good stuff as a like 'follow up' to the bummer stuff, ...

While we are in Buffalo, we will be picking up our brand new addition & Grai's Valentine's Day present. Yep, we are finally gonna have a baby together. SO OVERJOYED! Ok, these pictures are not MY ...ops, I mean OUR boston baby, but here's what boston babies look like....Boston Terriers are SO Cute & they still grow up to be quite handsome dogs. Think the Frontline "spokes dog?" ... Heh, new word. Nice!

His name will be Tek, short for Veritek, like Jason Veritek, the captain of the Red Sox team. Yeppers, Grai's a big fan. I am a Mets fan, but I like the Sox too. I mean, heh, 1986 happened to all of us, you know. It's easier for ME not to have hard feelings in that situation. Yea, somehow we reconciled our differences, considering him getting with me has been very lucky for his boys! :P

Plus, I was thinking that if we got a girl I would name her Vera....cuz if you put the two names together it kinda sounds like! But Grai liked Vera from the Flloyd song & that's cool too. Win, Win! I love it when a plan comes together.

& Omigosh...Grai & I have been discussing the possiblity of me getting my own baby girl & us having one litter some time this upcoming year...ish. Huzzah! BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!!!!!!! I Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'em ESPECIALLY when someone else has to carry em & push em out! Pardon me crassness on the subject...just sayin'

O, in other news, we got all the peices parts for mah new pc. The last of 'em shipped in last Friday. Motherboard was D.O.A. however, so we wait until we get the new one. LOL! Warcraft doesn't miss us all that much I think & I am actually not missing Warcraft all that much. But I am missing my peeps! Ya'll make sure you're STILL having enough fun in that xpac for the both of us now, ya hear? ciao 4 now!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ok..."MAYBE" I'm alittle excited about the new computer...

Yea, I caught myself writting a comment to a great friend of mine that is "retiring" from WoW. It said something along the lines of how I understand how fufilling "Real Life" can be as opposed to a virtual reality in cyber space. I claimed that even with my new "StupidPuter" on it's way soon, I am thinking more about Spring-Time & what I am going to do to my garden this year.

I say I caught myself...Yep...Caught me red handed this time! Wanna know how? Curious as to why I Caught myself?

Well I checked the bank this morning....KNOWING in every fiber of my being that I was setting my own self up for a dashing of my see if any of my tax money had posted. Available balance says that our federal banking system must be doing SOMETHIN' right! Yep, federal tax money is there as available. It hasn't even posted yet, but it's there. & It's SCREAMING, "Spend ME Baby! Spend me NOW! Spend ME FASTER! O, Yea, Baby! That's the way I like it!" (Yes, my bank account today is a VERY bossy sex pot!)

So, Grai was pacing, as not to "hover", I think, over my banking info on the screen. I dumbfoundedly asked him to look again in a glance. Yea, he knows me that well. We speak with our eyes to each other very often & on Valentine's Day, I can admit I really DIG that. Kinda turns my cranks, if you take me meanin'. :P Well, he looked. & he double took, just like I had. I breathed in REAL deep, in thru the nose, out thru the mouth. Then he asked me, "Want me to take that 'wish list' on Nuegg & put it into an order?" & I said "YES!" I shouted, Yes, Hunny, give it to me...all the pretty, peices/parts for my new StupidPuter & all the shinies that are gonna save yours. (ok, only internally did I say all that other stuff, but I am SO FREAKIN Thrilled that's it's on it's way)

So, I'm caught! I am caught in a tide of good things. I am caught in my stupid thinking, waiting for the other shoe to drop & waiting for when it all turns to snot again. That's my messed up thinking. I FINALLY started giving credit to where credit was due....Good Orderly Direction. Long as I don't slip up & start taking all the credit back, Today, I am NOT Alone!

Thanks for hearing my lastest rant & thanks for stopping by!

~Blessed Be~

Friday, February 13, 2009

Starting a new "temporary" job today...

Yep, you heard me correctly, I start a new job today. I go in for orientation & training a full 8 hour day today. Yep, it is a temporary position. I will be taking calls for a new client they have, but that job will only last about 3-6 weeks. There is, however, the possibility of it turning into something permanent IF they have enough work for me to do with their other clients & IF I am qualified for the change. *PHEW* That IS a mouthful! lol

Only problems I can foresee.....(be prepared, this is a longer story then the last)
1) I am currently having a heard time reading my own computer screen due to the headaches & vision issues I have been having.
2) I want to keep the job @ Fashion Bug, but for ONCE she actually has the schedule done before a Firday of the week priior & she is not willing to change it now.
3) I view this "temp" spot as like an audition & knowing me, that is just enough time for me to blow it! LOL!
4) I don't know my "new", "temp" schedule for the upcoming week till today! So I have to try to find people from Fashion Bug to switch around the schedule she's already made for me if I want to keep both jobs...

Ok, I give all the credit in the world to God & Kharma that I finally got this job. I need a 40 hr/week job to live. Fashion Bug can only give me 8-12 hours/week. I have to stay true to them though, as much as I can, till I know whether or not this 40 hr/wk job will become permanent.

Today I am trying to live a new way & not be all pissed off, or doubting, or selfish, or arrogant, or just plain an idiot like I can be! So, this is really my way of "journaling." Because I have alot of doubts. I have alot of fear & I can't live in the problem today. Today, I need to think about the solutions & NOT get hung up on feeding the less desirable wolf that fights inside me.

Solutions for now?
1) Go to the new job & pray my mind can be like a sponge & I will do well when the training is over & I start working on the phones. I have done telemarketing work before & there are no "cold calls" involved. These people are already customers.

2) REMEMBER that G.O.D. (Good Orderly Direction) did NOT put this in my path for no reason. I CAN do this with help if I will allow it.

3) Try not to feel l ike I am letting the people at Fashion Bug down. I need to see this opportunity through as best I can.

4) Remember that I would like to stay on @ Fashion Bug even IF this turns into a permanent position. Even if it's just one or two 4 hr. shifts per week.

5) Don't take my petty little bullshit attitudes out on others...period! No matter how stressed I get, I can always just pray. Good Orderly Direction will not let me fall on my face today. As long as I don't put up all my barriers against it!

OKay, now I am not even gonna let my OCD get the best of me here. If I spelled something wrong & You, my darlin readers can't read it, sorry for that. I did this "journaling" thing for me though, just because I needed to!

Thanks for stopping in. Have a WONDERFUL day! Be the master of your destiny today & remember to keep the faith!

~Blessed Be~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Wolves

In case you are slowly going blind thru no fault of your own & cannot read the poem above like myself, here are the words.


An elder Cherokee Native American was
teaching his grandchildren about his life.

He said to them;

"A fight is going on inside me....
it is a terrible fight
and it is between two wolves.

One wolf represents fear, anger, envy,
sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,
false pride, superiority, and EGO.

The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love,
hope, sharing, serenity, humility,
kindness, benevolence, friendship,
empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and FAITH.

This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too."

They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather,

"Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied;

"The one you feed."

Now, I want you all to know that I am working very hard lately to feed the better choice of wolf that fights with the other inside me right now. I can feel all the care, concern, warm thoughts & real prayers out there with regard to the health issues I am having. Thanks so VERY much to you all! I am truly, really blessed! ~Blessed Be!~

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dun dadada, dun dadada....

~Hooray~ Got my W-2 back, FINALLY! Huzzah!

Mah darlin' Grai filed for me online last night. With direct deposit, I should have the tax moneyz back in 10-15 days. At which point, Mah Darlin' Grai will order me all the pretty components for my new system! Then we must add in the time for the pieces/parts to ship here & then just a tiny bit of time for Mah Hunny to get it all put back together!


FREAKIN YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"It's not a tumor"

Yes, I am channeling the lovely Arnie AKA The Govenator, in the movie, Kindergarden Cop!

& Yes, we got the results today from the tests. There are no actual tumors on my brain or abnormalities for that matter. Altho, them having to look SO hard to FIND the brain was probably abnormal....teehee! Just Kiddin!

The nuerologist still believes that I have something called "psuedo tumors" (Fake) which is simply pressure on my brain. He stills sees evidence of the optical nerve damage. He siad if it werent for the damage to the optic nerve, he would just diagnos me with migraines. But those I've had since I was a teenager....

AnyWho...... I get to go for a spinal tap to find out for sure. O, GOODIE! That should be super fun!

Well, I wanted to keep everyone abreast of the situation. Thank you all so much for the warm thoughts & thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leveling mah Hunny's herbing

When I don't have to work, but Grai does, he leaves the house with one chore for me to do. Nope, it's not laundry. Not dishes. Not cleaning. Not erasing stuff off our over loaded DVR.

It's leveling the herbalism for his death knight, Sheenah! LOL. She is named after the song from one of the greatest bands of all time. (those are his words, but I'm inclined to agree) She is mildly modeled after a good friend of both of ours, Unseenfiend.

So I was running around Dun Morough with Unseen on Sheenah yesterday morning. Unseen goes "Ew, he gave her the ugly hair." & I was like, "Um, he gave her my original Shrinn's hair!" LOL! Yes, Shrinnkette, the warlock, on my original account whom I got to about level 40, had the Princess Laya buns. So, how is that ugly? Meh, O, Well!