Friday, February 13, 2009

Starting a new "temporary" job today...

Yep, you heard me correctly, I start a new job today. I go in for orientation & training a full 8 hour day today. Yep, it is a temporary position. I will be taking calls for a new client they have, but that job will only last about 3-6 weeks. There is, however, the possibility of it turning into something permanent IF they have enough work for me to do with their other clients & IF I am qualified for the change. *PHEW* That IS a mouthful! lol

Only problems I can foresee.....(be prepared, this is a longer story then the last)
1) I am currently having a heard time reading my own computer screen due to the headaches & vision issues I have been having.
2) I want to keep the job @ Fashion Bug, but for ONCE she actually has the schedule done before a Firday of the week priior & she is not willing to change it now.
3) I view this "temp" spot as like an audition & knowing me, that is just enough time for me to blow it! LOL!
4) I don't know my "new", "temp" schedule for the upcoming week till today! So I have to try to find people from Fashion Bug to switch around the schedule she's already made for me if I want to keep both jobs...

Ok, I give all the credit in the world to God & Kharma that I finally got this job. I need a 40 hr/week job to live. Fashion Bug can only give me 8-12 hours/week. I have to stay true to them though, as much as I can, till I know whether or not this 40 hr/wk job will become permanent.

Today I am trying to live a new way & not be all pissed off, or doubting, or selfish, or arrogant, or just plain an idiot like I can be! So, this is really my way of "journaling." Because I have alot of doubts. I have alot of fear & I can't live in the problem today. Today, I need to think about the solutions & NOT get hung up on feeding the less desirable wolf that fights inside me.

Solutions for now?
1) Go to the new job & pray my mind can be like a sponge & I will do well when the training is over & I start working on the phones. I have done telemarketing work before & there are no "cold calls" involved. These people are already customers.

2) REMEMBER that G.O.D. (Good Orderly Direction) did NOT put this in my path for no reason. I CAN do this with help if I will allow it.

3) Try not to feel l ike I am letting the people at Fashion Bug down. I need to see this opportunity through as best I can.

4) Remember that I would like to stay on @ Fashion Bug even IF this turns into a permanent position. Even if it's just one or two 4 hr. shifts per week.

5) Don't take my petty little bullshit attitudes out on others...period! No matter how stressed I get, I can always just pray. Good Orderly Direction will not let me fall on my face today. As long as I don't put up all my barriers against it!

OKay, now I am not even gonna let my OCD get the best of me here. If I spelled something wrong & You, my darlin readers can't read it, sorry for that. I did this "journaling" thing for me though, just because I needed to!

Thanks for stopping in. Have a WONDERFUL day! Be the master of your destiny today & remember to keep the faith!

~Blessed Be~

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zaanah said...

Good luck....will be thinking about you!