Monday, February 23, 2009

Good news, Bad news, & in other news...

Bad news first....The new job just let go a whole butt load of people today. Like BRAND new people...Some of these people they just hired last Friday. Yea, tell me about it. Ok, did I give you a moment to collect your jaw up off your computer desk? Good. The good part is that MY client, the client I work on the phones for, did not let any one go.


Just the idea of letting all those people go today because we lost one client...*shivers*....Sobering stuff in these scary times, my fine fellow blog-o-shere readers!

Our whole entire flippin household was sick this weekend. Poor Babe, AKA Grai...We spent a large portion of our day in the ER. Diagnosis? Pnuemonia. My son & myself get a head cold, this poor bugger has to go & get spots all up on/in the lungs & what not! Yikes! This is why I make the motherly/wifely STRONG suggestions to go to the ER on a weekend, no matter how much unfun it was.

In a further health related topic, I go for my LOVELY spinal tap on Wednesday....Dun duhda, Dun dahda! I am hoping that just the test will start to eleveate the pain in my head. *prayers said, fingers crossed*

Ok, I like to save the good stuff as a like 'follow up' to the bummer stuff, ...

While we are in Buffalo, we will be picking up our brand new addition & Grai's Valentine's Day present. Yep, we are finally gonna have a baby together. SO OVERJOYED! Ok, these pictures are not MY ...ops, I mean OUR boston baby, but here's what boston babies look like....Boston Terriers are SO Cute & they still grow up to be quite handsome dogs. Think the Frontline "spokes dog?" ... Heh, new word. Nice!

His name will be Tek, short for Veritek, like Jason Veritek, the captain of the Red Sox team. Yeppers, Grai's a big fan. I am a Mets fan, but I like the Sox too. I mean, heh, 1986 happened to all of us, you know. It's easier for ME not to have hard feelings in that situation. Yea, somehow we reconciled our differences, considering him getting with me has been very lucky for his boys! :P

Plus, I was thinking that if we got a girl I would name her Vera....cuz if you put the two names together it kinda sounds like! But Grai liked Vera from the Flloyd song & that's cool too. Win, Win! I love it when a plan comes together.

& Omigosh...Grai & I have been discussing the possiblity of me getting my own baby girl & us having one litter some time this upcoming year...ish. Huzzah! BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!!!!!!! I Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'em ESPECIALLY when someone else has to carry em & push em out! Pardon me crassness on the subject...just sayin'

O, in other news, we got all the peices parts for mah new pc. The last of 'em shipped in last Friday. Motherboard was D.O.A. however, so we wait until we get the new one. LOL! Warcraft doesn't miss us all that much I think & I am actually not missing Warcraft all that much. But I am missing my peeps! Ya'll make sure you're STILL having enough fun in that xpac for the both of us now, ya hear? ciao 4 now!


Ruune said...

How adorable. Though my heart belongs to the boxer dogs, I can't resist the BT's - they are just like mini boxers - sooo cute.

Hope your PC is together soon - look forward to catching you in game asap.

Ely said...

they are sooo cute

and missing you lots was looking all weekend for you and grai

Barrhona said...


WoW does, in fact, miss you!

OK... the Devils miss you. And Fal.

Hope you get to feeling much better, your computer exceeds your expectations, and you can get your WoW Jones back if you want!

TheBigBearButt said...

Absolutely TOO cute!

And need I say, I am delighted you were not in that round of layoffs, milady?

TheBigBearButt said...

And you know darn good and well we are crying inside every day that you are gone.