Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ok..."MAYBE" I'm alittle excited about the new computer...

Yea, I caught myself writting a comment to a great friend of mine that is "retiring" from WoW. It said something along the lines of how I understand how fufilling "Real Life" can be as opposed to a virtual reality in cyber space. I claimed that even with my new "StupidPuter" on it's way soon, I am thinking more about Spring-Time & what I am going to do to my garden this year.

I say I caught myself...Yep...Caught me red handed this time! Wanna know how? Curious as to why I Caught myself?

Well I checked the bank this morning....KNOWING in every fiber of my being that I was setting my own self up for a dashing of my see if any of my tax money had posted. Available balance says that our federal banking system must be doing SOMETHIN' right! Yep, federal tax money is there as available. It hasn't even posted yet, but it's there. & It's SCREAMING, "Spend ME Baby! Spend me NOW! Spend ME FASTER! O, Yea, Baby! That's the way I like it!" (Yes, my bank account today is a VERY bossy sex pot!)

So, Grai was pacing, as not to "hover", I think, over my banking info on the screen. I dumbfoundedly asked him to look again in a glance. Yea, he knows me that well. We speak with our eyes to each other very often & on Valentine's Day, I can admit I really DIG that. Kinda turns my cranks, if you take me meanin'. :P Well, he looked. & he double took, just like I had. I breathed in REAL deep, in thru the nose, out thru the mouth. Then he asked me, "Want me to take that 'wish list' on Nuegg & put it into an order?" & I said "YES!" I shouted, Yes, Hunny, give it to me...all the pretty, peices/parts for my new StupidPuter & all the shinies that are gonna save yours. (ok, only internally did I say all that other stuff, but I am SO FREAKIN Thrilled that's it's on it's way)

So, I'm caught! I am caught in a tide of good things. I am caught in my stupid thinking, waiting for the other shoe to drop & waiting for when it all turns to snot again. That's my messed up thinking. I FINALLY started giving credit to where credit was due....Good Orderly Direction. Long as I don't slip up & start taking all the credit back, Today, I am NOT Alone!

Thanks for hearing my lastest rant & thanks for stopping by!

~Blessed Be~


joe said...

Woot woot! Wish I was gonna be there when ya sign back on with yer own comp!

TheBigBearButt said...

Thats wonderful, Shrinn!

Hehe... Grai is a lucky, lucky man. It's so awesome to see how much you love each other. :)

Ruune said...

Yay Shrinn, looking forward to seeing you online soon missy!!