Friday, February 6, 2009

"It's not a tumor"

Yes, I am channeling the lovely Arnie AKA The Govenator, in the movie, Kindergarden Cop!

& Yes, we got the results today from the tests. There are no actual tumors on my brain or abnormalities for that matter. Altho, them having to look SO hard to FIND the brain was probably abnormal....teehee! Just Kiddin!

The nuerologist still believes that I have something called "psuedo tumors" (Fake) which is simply pressure on my brain. He stills sees evidence of the optical nerve damage. He siad if it werent for the damage to the optic nerve, he would just diagnos me with migraines. But those I've had since I was a teenager....

AnyWho...... I get to go for a spinal tap to find out for sure. O, GOODIE! That should be super fun!

Well, I wanted to keep everyone abreast of the situation. Thank you all so much for the warm thoughts & thanks for stopping in!


Scott said...

the test didn't look like this did it?

Homer's Brain

Anonymous said...

Great to Hear! Just found your blog. :)

zaanah said...

i'm so glad they found nothing too wrong. but that spinal tap will give u a headache after. try to lay flat and still. miss u bunches. Zaanah

Ruune said...

It's not a tumour!!!

Anyway, glad that the initial news is good, hope it goes on being good. Look forward to catching up with you soon in game.


klaki said...

Thank God it wasn't a tumor! :) You are still in my wife and mine prayers.