Friday, October 31, 2008

I can haz emotional basketcase...

& I can haz her everytime I look in the mirror! And, lately, I can haz her most times I log into WoW. I dunno y, I do know however that something has got to change for me. I have been "chronically ill" on & off for about 2 & a half years. When the docs told me it was "all in my head" & the "head" medications did not work, I stopped caring. Doesn't change the fact that I feel like shit more often then not. Doesn't change the fact that I am tired & worn out from simply working a 4-6 hour shift. Doesn't change the fact that somewhere along the way I not only stopped listening to a good friend that told me years ago "To thine own self be true.", I have choosen to utterly ignore that lovely tidbit of advice. I have tuned the "smart" people out & been living inside my own little head. Can be a frightfully dangerous place to live all alone in the dark sometimes.

Yes, Yes, to many of you folks that feel you may "know" me from the game or from myspace & somehow managed to find me here. (cause I can no longer accsess my myspace page) You might just be asking yourself, is this really the fun loving silly Shrinn we know? Everyone has their bugaboos, my friends, everyone!

Weird thing is tho, about 2&1/2 years ago is when I fell of the wagon & started binge drinking again. No, I am not a binge drinking currently. Not only can I not afford it but I cannot raise my son in a coherent manner in that state of mind. So I'm thinking that it might be time for me to get my ass back to those damned brainwashing meetings again. Cuz those people seem to really get me. So, if my mental health & head space begins to impinge on my game time, blog time & just plain sitting my big ole bum in front of my PC, so be it.

I thought Halloween an appropriate time to bring up my skeletons. Lookie there, Lich King isn't even out & I'm raising the dead!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gah, I really wish sometimes that I was this talented...or that I had the whole puter set up my seriously talented cousin has. He's this kind of artist...unfortunatly, even tho he's more then good enough to work for Blizz, last time I mentioned it to him he reminded me of his stance on "selling out to corporations".....GAH!
Anyhow I was playing around checking out some new FanArt on & thought I'd share my new desktop & future ones & some of my oldie but goodie faves :P

New desktop...Two of my most fave things in the world...Dragon & Fairies ....o, wait, there's no belf males in that pic! HEHE

This one here "might" be actual Blizz artist work but I can't be sure. Waht's your vote?

Last but DEFINETLY not least..........

Tru Story!

*note...apparently, this pic doesnt open enuff so that u can read the words...It's something along the lines of "ever wonder how these skimpy clothes they call armour keep us alive?" & of course all the boiz are drooling!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quitters never win...

Winners never quit. Soz....
I'm not giving up WoW! Of course I'm not giving up WoW. You had to know I wasn't gonna quit!
Yes, Yes, I've gone through these feelings a time or twenty before. & I'll go thru them again, but for now, I'm sticking with it!
We PWNED Kara last night (No surprise there) Mah Hunny formed the group. We had all but one guildie & a very dear friend & old guildie joined us to give a hand :)
Ishi did a great job on raid leading & we all had fun. I got two new peices of healy gear on Elysse, Wewt!
Elysse now has a shadow following her around & those things say some effed up stuff! I need to get my ass to Darnassus cuz that thing freaks me out!
Well, I'm gonna go do that now :)

Thanks for listening to my rants yet again ^.^

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank You Wulfa & Ishvi

WooHoo! You guys gave Fal some EXCELLENT ideas for dinner tonight!
We had braised roasted pork loin, with carmelized apples over top. A caramel drizzly type glaze & stuffing!
I stuffed myself like a tauren!!!! I'm fat as one too now that's thanks to the grumpy old dorf of mine!

Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, I love this man!
You should have seen my lil man John go crazy over this food! He said "can you teach me to make this some day? When I'm like 16." It was SOOOOO cute!

I wish I had a digital camera, it came out of the oven & looked like something out of a food magazine!!!!

Ok, I'm off to go be spoiled some more. (Although I should probably be spoiling him a bit now!) ^.~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ho Hum. Hum Drum.

Yea, I'm kinda bored. I don't know what my problem is. I'm not sure if it's the impending WotLK xpac coming, or if I'm just sick of getting turned into a freakin zombie. I'm just sick of it all, i guess.
I went into Kara on Shrinn on Friday night. My damage sucked really bad. That pissed me off. I saw a couple really cool drops for my feral druid, but she wasn't there to roll on them. That irked me. Like, I am totally ok with El not being able to hold her own on the damage meter, especially when she's off tanking, but SHRINN? SHRINN? Her royal effin feirceness was #7 on the damage meter? What The HELL? Bah!
I can't even log on to her without getting irritated about it. I cannot log into Shrinnpoof & wonder why she isn't hanging her glass cannon ass head in shame!
Whatever, guess I'm gonna go look for a new game. A cheaper, less able to piss me off, game!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elysse Tanks MGT...wootie woot!

Wow! I did not think I was gonna be able to do it! NOt at all, but we did :)

Got some new healy boots tho! Yay!

Shrinn Helps Down Mags....WOOT

Ok, this was a PuG. This was my first time there. I was not convinced we would down him...I really wasn't. Because I was nervous, I didn't get alot of pics either..... but here's what I got.

what my alts have been up to

This is my shaman. She is fun...I s'pose. I guess I just don't really know how to play her yet...Good Lord! She's level 30 & I'm still trying to figure how to play her! lmao!

Just thought the full moon looked really pretty :)

This is me saying "good Bye" to my very first kitty. That actually messed me up alittle! It was like taking a sick pet to the vet to get put down...well, almost!

Bye ElGato!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling alittle sappy....

& my aunt sent me this. Thought it was cute.

Hope I linked this video correctly! heh

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well, I tried to tank Maiden...

OMG!!!! I sucked in Kara tonight! LMAO!

Imma Genie in a bottle, Moroes! hahahahaha

GRATS to Elruc who got a bunch of feirce drops! Grats FEl, Grats to me on Maiden's necklace :) & grats to anyone I forgot! Thanks so much for putting up with my "noob-ness" all :)

Okay, Okay...I NEVER thought tanking was an "easy" job. When you've been running behind so many people (Graimerin) that make it look easy (Graimerin)...It is a reality that I would think that it can't be all that hard! Especially when you keep hearing, the whole way up thru, from Graimerin, that tanking is just standing there & getting hit....

Hmmm...anyone know that Sheryl Crow song "no one said it would be easy. But no one said it would be this hard"

I had to let my freindly neighborhood prot pally, Ishvi, take the reigns here ~sigh~

Beebahdeebahdee....that's all folks!