Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The "F-Bomb" Story

The other night as I was watching/helping my little man, John, with the rest of his homework, I noticed that he had his middle finger up. I inquired as to whether or not it was directed at me, his loving mom. He said, "No." At which point, I told him, as I have before, that that gesture means little to me but others view it as a bad thing. He asked, "Well, what does it mean?" So, I told him it stands for the "F-Bomb." Okie dokie....Moving on then. Um...maybe not so much.

The very next day at school, his buddy & classmate had some little ring on his middle finger that he was proudly showing everyone. Apparently, John informed the young lad that he ought not point with his middle finger. Travis, being the naturally curious first grader that he is asked John why not. To which my darling son explained that it means the "F-Bomb."

John tells me this story on the walk home. We only live about a block from the school so I was mildly concerned that I may have just lost a friend for my son & his parents that I actually like may be annoyed. We got in the door before Travis' stepdad got the kids home, so I called up Miss Christina, Travis' mom. I explained the story & apologized that she may be hearing about this "F-Bomb" thing from her sweet little boy. Thankfully, she just giggled & said "I'm sure my kids have heard worse."

Phew! See why I like these people?

*Shaking head* *sigh* Boys will be boys, eh?

Friday, January 23, 2009

For Cassie and 3B...

Saw these pics. Made me think of our fearless guild leaders & the cats that demand to be fed in their home. Hope you get the giggles I did :D

Talk about feral specced druids! GAWD DAYUM!

O, so which one is one of your cats, guys? teehee!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

what the doctors have to say at the moment

Well, the headaches are still there. The nuerologist & the eye doctor I went to both believe I have something called "psuedo tumors." This is brought on by pressure on my brain. My optical nerve is also appearing damaged, from what they can tell. *sigh* I go for an MRI soon as my insurance approves it. Lord have mercy!

Well, being on the computer hurts my head, obviously, so I'm going for now!

Thanks for stopping by :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's late, but I have pictures

Pitures of the madness of going to see Santa. With his friends, Travis, Ned & Courtney. I love their parents so it was fun. We all hung out together :)

This is us, waiting in the longest line ever to go see Santa! lol

John is the one in the tan shirt, Travis, his best bud & classmate is in red, Ned is in grey & Courtney is the little girl...duh! TeeHee! Travis, Ned & Courtney are brothers & sister. So Cute!

O, And thanks so much to Miss Christina & Mr. Howard for having a digital camera & sharing these pictures with us all! Huzzah! :D

I love this one. He is SO BUSTED! But Travis doesnt seem to mind...lol

Ah, the big pay off! Santa.... AT LAST! YAY!

I am just not traditional at all! But whatever!

Merry Mistmust, again :)