Wednesday, June 10, 2009

went back to the neuro today...

so, yea, went to see the neurologist today. asked my how the hea d was & all that. did explain about the loss of feeling in the hands/feet & lower back & tingling that I woke up with on Monday morning. I went to work anyhow, ya'll, don't get too worked up about it. Just know that all this info does continue to go on file, I did REMIND that doctor that I KNEW I have migraines & the whole reason I even went to the doc in the first place is due to the fact that this seemed to be um, 'bigger' then!

He asked me if the meds were which I replied "they would probably work alot better if I could remember to take them." I managed to say it with a straight face, arent you proud? Seriously, the memory issue...part of the reason I'm going to you folks here....I remember the one in the AM, not the PM he wants me to 'try' for another 3 months to remember the night one & go back & report about that...lulz!

Anyhow, if ya'll see me bee boppin aroud azeroth in the PM, ask me if I remembered my meds, ok? lol!

gotta go to work, just waiting for the nails to dry, thought I'd update :)

Thanks fer stoppin in!

~Blessed Be!~


Scott said...

Well im glad your attempting to take your pm meds. ill pop on and try to message you every now and then during the pm if im not raiding :) btw this is the same person you talked to last night :) Hopefully they can figure out what is the problem and what is needed to be done inorder to fix it.

-Solidfury (Experience)

Phu Nguyen said...

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