Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The B*tch *$ B@ck!!!

Yep, I log into Shrinnpoof, & for some reason that big ole sweaty queen from my sister land (England) (Sorry England, when you grow up you may be as soulful & weary as us northerners ;P) starts singing in my head...

Mind you, my head hurts, ALOT....ALL the time, however, Sunday night I was beaconed to from our bedroom, AKA Grai/Fal's office "Hey, you wanna run a quick wing of Naxx?"

WOULD I??????????? DO I??????? WILL I????

Jeezus H..... of course!

O, wait, there is a handsome young man already @ that

Hey, Kid, mind getting off that thing so I can raid my very first Wrath raid ever? was nuttin to write home to Mom about....why? Cuz Mom doesnt play WoW Sillies! But I'll tell you guys! hehehe! (Mom does read the blog however, from time to time, Hi Mom! Love you! *snicker*)

Okay, So we did the spider wing, i guess, idk the names of anything, why? cuz I'm just not that into it, even if I was (& I admit I could be) I just don't have the flippin time!

I just had so much D@MN Fun! My gear sux *Shrug*, my DPS is prolly @$$, but I had a blast! So, is that hard core 'nuff fer ya? Mah B*tch was back Sunday, stone cold sober, as a matter of fact! ^.^


Deimonia said...

Hey glad you had fun in your first Northrend raid. That's what's important. I'm still burnt out on Northrend raiding having done it all towards the end of last year, beginning of this year so I haven't been raiding in a while.

Many thanks for coming out to invade Deadmines with me last night. It was so much fun, and I had a great time practicing tanking with my Protection Warrior.

Phu Nguyen said...

I think you'll love it!Thanks!


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