Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess I got all worked up over nothing...

So, yea, yesterday was an epic fail from the word go.

We show up @ the hospital & apperantly I got scheduled with a nuero surgeon, wrong doctor. So, the nurse comes in to let us know that she is sorry for the extra wait, but we're waiting on the "right doctor."

Um, okies, if you say so....

Well, the doctor comes in & lets us know that I have nothing to worry about. There is no cancer, no tumors, no nothing & tells me I am having migraines. There are 8 different medicines I could take, but one is already off the list, Imitrex, because I have tried it & it not only makes me physically ill, but it makes my headaches worse. So, he shines that damn light in my eyes, & again reiterates, there is nothing wrong with me other then migraines.

Grai & I both explain to him that the reason my nuerologist sent me to a specialist is due to high levels of hystiosites & nuetrophil in the spinal fluid test results. To which the doctor replies, " those are very non specific." He then tells us that he can give us samples if we can met him by 12:30 PM in his Orchard Park office. We let him know that we live a 2 hour drive away & as long as it's no later then that, sure, we can meet him.

We find finally his office, which was a cluster fuck in and of it's self, & I let the receptoinist know what's going on. She has me fill out a piece of paper & says they will be calling him. I fill out the paper & give it back.

We wait long enough for Grai to go out & have a smoke & I get called up by a nurse. She says they no longer can give out samples & this doctor does this to her all the time. She basically says go home. I explain to her that it's a long drive home & once we're there, we can't get back. (At this point, we're barely limping the car home & we can't get all it's little issues fixed right this moment)

His office is right off of 219, so since we know we can point the car south on 219 & get home, we head south.

When we get home, there is a message from a mildly snotty woman on our machine that I have an appointment with this doctor @ 3:45 pm...

Um, HELLO? WTF? I thought I just told you ppl that once I'm home, it's where I've got to stay. Plus, I can't just go willy-nilly to a specialist with out a referral or my insurance will not pay you for it.

So, I am a freakin wreck anyhow & I get home to this message & I'm about to look for a semi-automatic weapon, FOR REALLY! My love, the best friend I have ever had, sees all this on my face, hears it in my tangent & offers to call my nuerologist in this town.

My head is screamin' & I am worn the hell out. I felt like a deflated ballooon & then I come home to this crap. Of course I want him to make the next call. I have already called the Orchard Park doctor & spoken with two different people there. Honestly, he looked like he was ready to stand right next to me with that imaginary semi-automatic. I was livid. I mean, this what we call health care? I sure as fuck hope not.

So, he calls my nuero here. Talks to the receptionist. I told him it was my nuero's nurse that made the appointemnt & we really need to speak with her. ...



A couple hours later, Grai says, "Guess they're not calling." So, I called & tried to speak with the nurse. Busy, can she call you back? Yea....

about 45 minutes later, as I am dozing in the recliner with the puppy, "Ring, Ring" So, I wake up & answer the phone, the puppy wakes up & my son has to try to play with the dog & talk to me all at once. GRRRRRRRR

Grai comes out of his office, AKA our bedroom & grabs the phone for me.

Apparently, Roswell was supposed to hook me up with the right doctor but did not.

I heard him tell her that our (mine, his, the nuero here & her) concerns lie in the high test results of the spinal tap. He also tells her what the Roswell Doc said...the very non specific thing. He explains that running back & forth to Buffalo from where we live is just not a possiblity, especially for mirgraines, for cryin out loud!

So, at this point, we're at the mercy of two more doctors figuring out what the hell is going on. The nurse was awesome, she really was. I have nothing but good things to say about the nurses I came in contact with yesterday, other then that Orchard Park office. They all need to get their heads outa their asses, if you please!

Anyhow, that's really I have the time or energy to discuss at the moment. I've been trying to write this post since about 8 is now just after 10 AM! LMFAO!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Blessed Be~


Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar... just like the Polish Health Care, just with one small difference - you get that over here in Poland each and every time you go to a doctor (well, with a VERY FEW exceptions).
Cheers for you for standing it though - I can imagine what a day it was.

Mack said...

Oh my goodness Shrinn! That is ridiculous, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I don't know what it is with neurologists but I have had very similar experiences with the ones I've been going to for my MS treatment. For super smart brain doctors they sure can be dumb sometimes.

I hope everything gets worked out for you. Best Wishes!